Top 3 places in the UK to go kayak fishing

Top 3 places in the UK to go kayak fishing

Do you love kayak fishing and are planning a trip to the UK? Do you live in the UK and would like to explore the best places to fish in a kayak? Planning to buy a fishing kayak for your trip? Well, you have some amazing options. Let’s check the top 3 places in the UK to go Kayak fishing.

1. Derwent Water

Derwent Water is located in the Lake District, UK and is one of the most famous places to go Kayak fishing. The place is also fondly called “The Queen of The Lakes”. If you want fish that weigh over 20lb, this is the perfect place for you. This place is well known for its natural beauty and the elegance of Derwent Water is simply breathtaking. Many tourists from all over the world come here to appreciate its charm. The access granted to the Kayak fishermen is good near the east shore. The fish commonly available here are Pike, trout, perch, etc.

The waters are still and calm. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this place will be suitable for you.

Summers can be crowded with lots of hustle and bustle around.  If you are looking forward to having a quiet time away from the multitude, plan accordingly.

2. Cornwall River Fal

The River Fal rises on the Goss Moor through Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The waters of the River Fal are sparkling and clear. The surrounding area is comprised of an amazing system of waterways. 

In the winter months you can find Cornish mackerel in the estuary. This is an ideal spot for winter fishing as it is a little more sheltered from the elements than the open water. Other fish you can find here include: herring, pollack, whiting, dogfish, john dory and seabass (to name just a few!). 

Be careful, as it is prohibited in some areas of the estuary to catch certain species of fish from a vessel – yep that includes kayaks! But there are plenty of other fish in the area to legally catch. Be sure to check local fishing restrictions and plan your trip accordingly.

Make sure you take your kayak fishing equipment like your rods, scissors, scalars and fish finders

There are a huge variety of lakes and places to choose for kayak fishing, but this is also a great place to satisfy your wanderlust. You could go with a group or even as a duo, the fishing experience will be incredible. Over the years, this has become a real fun spot for many people in the UK as well as around the world.

3. Snowdonia

Snowdonia is the ideal place to go kayaking for the very first time. The idyllic freshwater lakes are most suitable for a relaxing time. 

The National Park of Snowdonia is one of the best places for kayaking and is home to many kayakers. The scenery and the freshness of the lakes there make it an attractive picnic spot for many tourists. This is one of the best places to go for a British holiday, especially during the summer.  

Lyn Tegid (Bala Lake) is a vast lake in Snowdonia. It contains 14 species of fish including perch, roach, pike, trout, grayling and eels. You must obtain a rod licence and a fishing permit before fishing here, you can find more details here. If you plan to take your kayak you will also require a boat permit (these start at £3.50).

Other popular Snowdonia fishing spots include Llyn Dywarchen (a stunning reservoir stocked with rainbow and brown trout) and Llyn Brenig (fly fishing only).

Apart from kayak fishing, you could also enjoy rafting, surfing, bodyboarding and wakeboarding in the area. Great for family members who may be adverse to fishing!  

Snowdonia has many picturesque lakes to go to and have a breathtaking adventure!

The Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018

The Blue Anchor Cod Classic is back for 2018

After a number of successful years, the Blue Anchor Cod Classic Competition, is back in 2018. It will be held in Blue Anchor, Somerset and will challenge all who participate to bring home the biggest catch of the day. All competitors must fish from kayaks, and the lucky winner will receive a fishing spec Fatyak Kaafu. All proceeds will be split between the prize fund and the RNLI.

Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018 Rules

No Angler shall go afloat without being in possession of and using appropriate personal safety equipment which will include a suitable PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE.

    2. No more than two rods fishing at any one time.
    3. No more than four hooks fishing at any one time (includes pennel rigs)
    4. Only one cod per entrant will be eligible to be weighed at the scales with a minimum length of 14 inches.
    5. The winner will be determined by the heaviest cod caught then second heaviest and so on.
    6. Entry will be by payment of £20 (cash only) on the day.
    7. It is anticipated that the entrance fees will be split 50/50 between the prize table and the RNLI.

Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018

Rosa, the winner from 2017

What am I likely catch?

From the organiser: “First a foremost there are plenty of cod to be caught. You will though encounter plenty of Ray, mostly thornbacks to double figures. Plenty of good sized and double figure conger to fish baits. Some reasonable size whiting and various other resident fish. The secret at this venue though is to winkle out a cod which love all the baits that the others like too.
Believe me, this is anyone’s for the taking. You don’t need to be a technical angler like in the species comps….. just get a decent bait down on the sea bed and hope for the best. Oh , did I forget the dogfish? You may get one or three thousand of those too”

Start Times

At 10am there is a compulsory safety briefing before the launch at 11am. Please check the Cod Classic Facebook page nearer the time however in case of any changes.

What anchor to use?

Again, from the organiser: “It’s a matter of personal choice but in my opinion the most appropriate in terms of anchoring your kayak in the high tidal flow that you’ll experience is a 1KG Bruce or Plough style anchor. I attach a metre or so of 6mm chain and it works fine for me. Some say don’t bother with the chain and just let out more anchor warp. If you’re intent on using a grapnel anchor you may experience it pulling out. They’re a bit hit and miss especially on the ebb when the flow really gets going”


TA24 6LD. Head for the western or Minehead end of the beach.

Sponsors include:

Fatyak Kayaks – providing a Kaafu fishing kayak for the winner.

Reelfun Fishing will also be sponsoring the event, providing other prizes.

blue anchor cod classic 2018
For up to date information, check out the Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018 Facebook Page.

The Fatyak Team

SUP Magazine Review the Fatyak Samos

Sup Mag have reviewed the Fatyak Samos and this is what they have to say…

Sup Mag is one of the biggest SUP dedicated magazines in the UK.

Stand up paddleboard

“Rotomoulded stand up paddle boards aren’t a new concept. Back at SUP’s inception a few overseas brands had some kicking about. Somerset based Fatyak, however, are the first British company to bring a plastic board to market and it’s the Samos we review here.

Anyone familiar with sit on top kayaks may have heard about Fatyak. Offering a bunch of sit down paddle designs it was only a matter of time before a FY SUP appeared. The Samos is an unusual looking beast. A myriad of chines and channels run through the hull and deck giving a slightly ‘tech’ appearance. Fixtures and fittings are similar to what you find on FY’s kayaks with an overall finish that’s polished and high end.

With its 10 feet of length and  36” inches of width(!) the Samos is a stable platform to say the least! You literally have to run off the Samos to fall off it. Combine this with a planted feel and there aren’t many boards that could rival it in terms of composure. Heavy weights, and newbies at that, should have no trouble getting to grips with SUP if learning atop a Samos.

Sweeping forwards and there’s a bulk of thickness up front in the nose area. This keeps the Samos locked in and directional. Together with the hull’s chines tracking is pretty good and even allows the Samos to be paddled sans fin. You do gain further efficiency when actually using the US box skeg but it’s nice to be able to use the Samos without in barely a foot of water – great for teaching anxious beginners who don’t like going out of their depth.

Manoeuvres are achievable – there’s certainly no reason why SUPers can learn to pivot turn and be proactive with footwork – it’s a livelier sled than you’d think. And while you could of course take the Samos into small waves it’s not really the board’s forte.

Learning to stand up paddle, cruising and even loading up with fishing gear and/or touring essentials are where the Samos really fits the bill. With such a stable platform it’d be a crying shame not to utilise this. And don’t forget the board’s construction lends itself to harsh environments making it great for rock hopping and craggy coastal discoveries.”

We hope you have found this useful!

Happy Paddling,

The Fatyak Team

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Fatyak Warranty Registration

Fatyak Kayak & Board Registration

Register your product here to validate the warranty on your Fatyak product.

  • This can be found on the boat/board itself. If you have purchased a black Fatyak – your unique serial number will be shown in your Fatyak booklet enclosed not on the product itself.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Fatyak Limited warrants to the original owner of the Fatyak Kayak that any part of the boat that is defective in material of workmanship will be repaired without charge.
  • This warranty shall apply for a period of 1 year on the deck, hull and parts from the date of retail sale. Any warranties from suppliers of parts supersede the Fatyak Limited warranty.
  • This warranty covers use under the normal conditions and does not cover damage caused by accident, alterations or misuse.
  • Freight to and from the manufacturing plant is at the owner’s expense. The serial number is located on the moulded-in safety transfer.
  • In the event of a warranty claim we can trace back through our manufacturing process with the unique serial number.
  • In order to be covered by this warranty customers must register their product serial number(s) via this link

Wildlife Spotting from a Fatyak

Wildlife Spotting from a Fatyak!

Kayaking is a wonderful way of bird watching and wildlife spotting. Whilst out on the water you are able to get right up close to many animals as you glide along quietly.


Here are a few of the best from this season on the water!


Remember if you remove wildlife from the water (crabs, starfish for example), always try and put them back where you found them if you can. Starfish when left out of the water, dry up fast. If you are watching larger wildlife, take care not to disturb or anger them. Swans have been known to be fairly agressive when startled!

What is the best animal or bird you have spotted whilst out in your kayak?

Happy Paddling!


The Fatyak Team

Wake Bodyboarding with the Hönö!

Bodyboarding in Style

The Hönö Bodyboard is so strong and durable that you can use it for a wide variety of boarding options – including wakeboarding!

We had these images sent in from a happy customer who spent a fantastic day out on the Hönö behind a boat!

The Hönö handles are robust enough to withstand the weight of an adult being towed. Could it get better than this?


The calm before take off..

This is a great alternative boarding technique for those with access to a boat but might not have the skills to perform stand up wake boarding yet. It is a great entry-level activity for kids and adults alike who might want to wakeboard one day but need to get used to being towed in the wake of the boat first.

Due to it being rotationally moulded out of tough plastic, the board with withstand bumps and high speeds (up to 20mph for this lady!) without the danger or snapping like cheap boards.

The Hönö is an eco-friendly option when it comes to boarding, as it can be used for multiple seasons (Fatyak have a warranty of 3 years on this product). To have fun in the snow, sand and sea, it is one of the most versatile fun boards on the market and worth every penny!

Happy boarding,

The Fatyak Team

Stratford Sea Cadets Have High Praise for Fatyak Kayaks

Stratford Sea Cadets test out the Fatyak Kaafu

Stratford Upon Avon Sea Cadets are part of the UK’s oldest nautical youth charity, and the cadets have been trying out the Fatyak Kaafu.

This is some of the feedback the cadets have given us:

‘Loved it!’
‘I like how you can pull your knees up.’
‘It’s really smooth on the water.’
‘You can go really fast.’

The staff also loved it and they found that for some of our more nervous beginnings the sit on top Fatyak Kayak offers a good starting point as they can often feel a little claustrophobic in a standard kayak and worry about getting out if they tip.

So thank you so much, the cadets are having so much fun on the Fatyak and will continue to do so all summer.

Every year Stratford Sea Cadets take part in the Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival.  This is a huge event for the town and being Stratford it is also a big draw for tourists and the river is right at the heart of the town.  Every year there are cadets on the river in their rowing boats and kayaks demonstrating their skills.  This year there will be a cadet on a Fatyak and also a stand within the festival area on the river bank publicising the Sea Cadets, recruiting new cadets/volunteers and fundraising.  Fatyak will be providing a Hono Bodyboard for a raffle prize plus other great givaways!

For more information about the Stratford River Festival, which will be help on the 1st and 2nd of July 2017 click here.

For more information about the Sea Cadets, click here.

Are you part of a club or charity that could benefit from support from Fatyak? As well as being involved with many great causes over the UK, we also offer great trade rates for clubs or businesses wishing to purchase a fleet. Drop us a call or email us and we can go from there.

Happy Kayaking!

The Fatyak Team

Wild Tide Review the Fatyak Samos SUP

Wild Tide Review the Fatyak Samos SUP

Wondering whether to get the Samos Stand up Paddleboard and would like some really in-depth analysis of how the board handles, the pros and cons and how it compares to similar boards on the market? Read on…

Samos SUP

Here are some excerpts from Wild Tide’s review for the Samos SUP.

“When it arrived I was not disappointed. The colour is fantastic. I chose the Light Blue version, however, you can also get this in orange, green, yellow and red. When it arrived, I was dying to try it out and check out the features included. Vicky and I made the most of the good weather this weekend and headed to the beach, SUP included. Out on the water, the Samos proved a success.”Samos SUP

“Now obviously, you wouldn’t compare a £400 10′ sit on top kayak to a £2500 16′ touring sea kayak or even a 5’6″ white water freestyle kayak. So in the same way there is no point comparing the Samos to a fibre glass board or an inflatable one. It’s all horses for courses and they all suit different purposes. Of course you can get lighter, faster and more agile boards, but I honestly don’t know if you can get one that is so accessible and is so much fun. I will be comparing the Fatyak Samos to my other SUP which is rotationally moulded and made by Body Glove.”

Tough, forgiving and fun!

“The big one and it’s a huge one for me, is durability. As far as I’m concerned SUP is all about mucking about on the water, exploring, playing and having fun. The Samos does all these things brilliantly. It is possible explore caves, rocks and every nook and cranny of the shore, safe in the knowledge that you wont do much more than put a little scratch on it. You can hand it over to any family member confident that they wont be able to kill it. You can (and we do this a lot) paddle up next to your friend and jump between SUPs. It’s very tough, it’s very forgiving and it’s very fun.”

Read the full article here.

To view the Samos SUP in our shop, click here.

Happy Paddling!

The Fatyak Team

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The Perfect Teenager’s Birthday Present!

The Perfect Teenager’s Birthday Present!

What to get a teenager for their birthday? A day out kayaking.

“The guys loved it”

“We went to the Outdoor Shop in Coombe Martin and hired some Fatyaks from them. What a great way to enjoy the beautiful coastline and enjoy the sunshine. The guys loved it, all equipment was provided and of the highest standard. Mike the guide was very knowledgable and I felt very comfortable leaving them all in his safe hands. Vince was accommodating from booking and the whole experience was faultless. Would highly recommend, what else can you do with tardy teenagers that does not involve a computer?! Thanks guys ?

The lads thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, even managed to some jumping off of cliffs into the sea. They were out for 2.15 hours and given the sunshine and physical effort required, were well and truly worn out afterwards. The boys certainly earnt their fish and chips!”

They said:

“It was great fun!”
“We went miles and even paddled through some caves!”
“It was brilliant, but we did not see any seals on our paddle – they must have been hiding…”
“When can we do it again?!”

A day out kayaking was a brilliant teenager’s birthday present. We will certainly be doing it again soon!

We hope this has inspired you to get out kayaking with your family. 🙂

Happy kayaking!

The Fatyak Team.

Samos SUP Review

Samos SUP Review – a getaway in Devon.

Thinking about buying the Samos? Have a read of this Samos SUP review by Jeff who describes his adventure recently with our new stand up paddle board. 

“Describe lasting enjoyment? Peace? Describe the perfect end to an extreme two weeks of fun, surf, exploring the coastline of North Devon and getting battered by the elements at the end of autumn / start of winter.

Myself and the wife have treated ourselves to an annual trip to Croyde in North Devon for the past few years to mark the end of the holiday season. The trip has always been about surfing, enjoying the local pubs for great food and beers whilst sitting by log burners, with lots of laughter, a chance to reflect on the year and plan for Christmas.

This year we promised ourselves we would take full advantage of what the area had to offer.

We have always spent time in the sea, surfing at Croyde Bay when we stay… but this year we wanted to try some more ways of exploring and taking in some of the beautiful coastline the area has to offer.

A long wait!

As the first week passed, the surf was ok….a little lumpy and messy at times, but a little too big for my confidence and lack of SUP experience – so unfortunately I was struggling to get the Samos out on the water. On the days it was too messy to surf, we walked the coastline around Baggy Point and Hartland.

With each walk my desire to try the Samos grew. As did my frustration with the weather and not being able to get it out on the water.

At the end of the first week, we experienced storm Angus in full swing. It started to look like there was going to be no chance of getting any more surf in, let alone taking the Samos in for a paddle, and although The Thatch was very welcoming, I was desperate to get in the water.

Growning Confidence

Then on the second to last day, the surf dropped to a clean 2ft and the conditions were perfect to try the Samos.

So like a child at Christmas, I rushed to get my wetsuit on at 08:00 (with the wife looking at me as if I was mad), and I headed down to the shoreline. The sea was very kind to me that morning and after about half an hour of practice, I had a real feel for the board and caught my first wave, followed by several more! My confidence in the board, along with its great stability was growing by the second. The only thing that would have made the experience better would have been some autumn sunshine!

Content with managing to get out on the Samos after days of disappointment with the weather, we enjoyed the rest of the day. (Well I’m not sure the wife did with the amount of talking she had to listen to about how great it was.)

The time had come for the last night. We packed up our gear so we could get a head start in the morning. (I left the Samos available in the hope that I might get one last paddle before the trip home.) I’m sure you can all relate – this is one of the saddest parts of a holiday. After all the excitement, we can crash, with the reality that we will be back to work on Monday.

A perfect morning

Samos SUP reviewSamos SUP reviewI awoke at first light. It was about 07:30, drew back the the curtains in the apartment and looked across the bay. I had the biggest grin across my face!

The sun was shining and all the swell had completely gone. It was like a mill pond! Yet again like a child, I found myself rushing to get my suit on to race down to the shoreline with the Samos in tow!

I spent the next 2 hours cruising along the coastline of Baggy Point looking at all the seabirds, listening to only the paddle gently striking the water as I guided the Samos in and around the rocks . And I even managed to explore some caves that you wouldn’t normally be able to access. From this point on I was most definitely in love with the board, and now find I am always taking every opportunity to get it out on the water.

Samos SUP Review

I’m not really sure what the perfect end to a holiday is? I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as perfection? But one thing is for sure…. it was pretty close that morning paddling the Samos around Baggy Point.”


We hope this Samos SUP review is useful reading! For more information and to purchase, click here.

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