Sitons.com reviewed our popular Kaafu model in 2013 – and they’ve returned to us this year with a glowing review of our versatile all-rounder, the Surf.

The Fatyak™ Surf is a stable sit-on-top kayak, which is notably very accessible for a wide range of ages – perfect for young nippers just starting life out on the waves as well as older paddlers looking for a well-balanced water wrangler.


The review notes this accessibility as a salient point of the Surf – with its light weight and short length, remaining easy to carry (particularly with the use of legstraps as an aid!) and easy to manoeuvre the Surf boasts a wide appeal to all types of paddler through its significant ease of use.


Sitons noted how easy the Surf was to throw around in all conditions, with advantages in manoeuvrability not found in longer kayaks – perfect for kids and featherweight paddlers.

Furthermore, the Surf is proven to be a well-equipped weapon straight from the source – with the review highlighting how well the boat works in “naked” form; not only making it inherently easy to carry but also remaining very capable in varying conditions without the need for accessories.

Although a seatback and legstraps will hugely improve the comfort of any paddler, we see this as an ode to the established design of the Surf!

Overall – Sitons rated the Surf as a kayak that lives up to its name; great for carving and cornering in the surf, ideal for inquisitive paddlers who’d like to get involved in all sorts of different usage scenarios.


Furthermore, while its small size and light weight offer great support for itsurf use as an all-round accessible boat great for paddling and surfing – this also makes it a great boat for kids too.

Read more: http://www.sitons.com/articles/ripping-fun-fatyak-surf-sit-kayak-review/#ixzz3TuADGR3j