Top UK Freshwater Kayak Fishing Destinations

Derwent Water

Photograph © Alh1

Fish present: Pike, Trout, Perch & Roach

Derwent Water is a top UK freshwater kayak fishing location. Most anglers target Derwent Water for pike, which is abundant. Fish over 20lb are caught on a regular basis. Derwent Water carries a high biomass due to the water having a relatively shallow depth (of only 20ft), resulting in plentiful fish production.

There are also trout present, especially in the early part of the season and during the mayfly hatch in early June.

Roach and Perch are present in large numbers, the perch being abundant and of a good average size with some real specimen fish about. The roach too flourish in this fishery but seldom receive much determined attention.

During the summer months most of the action is concentrated around the shallower bays where lure, or even fly fishing, can produce good bags. Come winter and the colder weather the fish move out into the main body of the lake and are generally taken by deadbait. This is where the advantage of being in a kayak really presents itself.

Access for kayak anglers is good along the eastern shore, however in Summer, the eastern shoreline can be busy with visiting tourists. It is more limited along the quieter western shore largely due to the lack of parking rather than shoreline access.

Kayak fishing is a preferred option for regulars and launching and hire facilities can be found at the Keswick end of the lake.
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£7 permit and £6 a day to park at the waters edge , free if you’re a national trust member

Loch Ken

Photograph © John Johnston

Fish present: Pike, Trout, Perch, Bream & Roach

Loch Ken is a beautiful lowland loch in Galloway, boasting roach, perch, bream, trout and pike. Catches indicate an increase in the size of fish being taken year on year. In addition, game fishing has also taken place at Loch Ken over many years.

Anyone fishing our stretch at the Loch Ken Holiday Park may have two lines maximum in the water at any one time. Other rods, although not actually fishing, must not occupy pegs on the bank.

Fish should be returned to the water in a healthy state, unless you intend to eat them.

Every year a “Grand Slam” freshwater kayak fishing competition is held here in October. Why not make this a multi-day trip, and stay at the Loch Ken Holiday park a few days prior to practice?

Fishing is allowed by permit only. Fishing permits are available at the shop, or in advance sending a cheque to Loch Ken Holiday Park. The permits we issue are for our frontage only.

Pricing (2017)

Park residents

£5.00 per day or £25.00 for 5-7 days

Daily visitors

£8.00 per person, per day (parking included)

Children 10 years and under – no charge.

Please note: All rubbish including discarded fishing tackle, especially line and hooks, must be gathered up and put in the bins provided. Bottles and cans must be put in the recycling bins, which are also provided on the park.

Video: Freshwater Kayak Fishing on Loch Ken

Llangorse Lake

Photograph ©David Evans

Fish present: Pike, Trout, Perch, Eels, Bream & Roach

Llangorse Lake is situated in the heart of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. The lake is popular with all watersports, including wake boarding, kite surfing and sailing.

The lake has been a popular destination by anglers for centuries, being a prime spot for pike fishing as well as perch, roach, tench, bream and eels.

All fishing must be conducted from boats and requires a permit. Furthermore there is no bank fishing as the shores contain many SSSI’s and conservation areas.  Fishing boats and kayaks can be hired or you can launch your own craft.

See for more information.

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Rutland Reservoir

Photograph © Martin Pettitt

Fish present: Pike, Trout & Zander.

Arguably one of the best freshwater kayak fishing spots in the whole of the UK, the trout in Rutland reservoir can grow up to a whopping 15lbs, as well as pike that can grow up to 40lbs, lurk beneath the water. The reservoir not only attracts leisure anglers but also plays host to some top level competitions which attracted discerning anglers from far and wide, such as the Anglian Water Airflo International on 3rd & 4th October 2017.

Obtain your fishing permit from local tackle shops or alternatively from the Vendor Huts at Normanton car park or next to the Rockblok at Whitwell car park at Rutland Water.  In addition to the normal fishing permits needed within Rutland, you can also obtain ‘Predator Permits’ (both annual and daily).  These have proved very popular and double-figure pike, as well as trout and zander, are regularly caught at both Grafham and Rutland Waters.

For experienced fishermen, a fly fishing holiday makes for a popular and enjoyable choice. The Fishing Lodge is able to cater for everyone, whether it be a group of angling club members or individuals.

For pricing information visit also has some great information on fishing in Rutland Water.

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River Ouse

Photograph – the Ouse at Ely © Martin Pettitt

Fish present: Perch, Trout, Pike, Barbel, Roach, Chub & Zander

The number of access points along it’s length make the River Ouse a popular river to fish from as well as plentiful supplies of good sized trout, pike, perch and zander as well as chub, eels and barbel too.

Pricing varies with location, and therefore it is best to check with the area specific to where you are heading for rod license costs.

This site has a good overview of which fish species you can expect to find in the different stretches of river. Furthermore, it also advises on the type of bait for the various fish species, really useful for any beginner.

Where will your next freshwater kayak fishing destination be?

Happy Fishing,

The Fatyak Team

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