The Blue Anchor Cod Classic is back for 2018

After a number of successful years, the Blue Anchor Cod Classic Competition, is back in 2018. It will be held in Blue Anchor, Somerset and will challenge all who participate to bring home the biggest catch of the day. All competitors must fish from kayaks, and the lucky winner will receive a fishing spec Fatyak Kaafu. All proceeds will be split between the prize fund and the RNLI.

Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018 Rules

No Angler shall go afloat without being in possession of and using appropriate personal safety equipment which will include a suitable PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE.

    2. No more than two rods fishing at any one time.
    3. No more than four hooks fishing at any one time (includes pennel rigs)
    4. Only one cod per entrant will be eligible to be weighed at the scales with a minimum length of 14 inches.
    5. The winner will be determined by the heaviest cod caught then second heaviest and so on.
    6. Entry will be by payment of £20 (cash only) on the day.
    7. It is anticipated that the entrance fees will be split 50/50 between the prize table and the RNLI.

Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018

Rosa, the winner from 2017

Sponsors include:

Fatyak Kayaks – providing a Kaafu fishing kayak for the winner.

The Blue Anchor – providing great deals on accommodation.

Reelfun Fishing will also be sponsoring the event, providing other prizes.

blue anchor cod classic 2018
For up to date information, check out the Blue Anchor Cod Classic 2018 Facebook Page.

The Fatyak Team

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