Choosing the Right SUP Fin

You want to go fast? Or maybe you want to surf? Or maybe you want to be really stable on your SUP? Choosing the right fin for your SUP will make a huge difference to the capability of your board. All of these options would be best suited to a different style of fin. Our team of SUP experts here at Fatyak will give an overview of the different fins out there so that you can be best placed to decide which one is for you.

Choosing the right SUP fin

Example Touring Fin

1. Touring Fins

These are large fins that are designed for stability in the water, and will make the board travel in a straight line really easily. They are probably the best choice for a novice SUP’er or a paddler wanting to tour on.

The size of the fin is always a toss up between stability and agility, so as a result, this style of fins make turning corners a little harder.




Example of a racing fin for flat water.

2. Racing/Speed Fin

Experienced paddlers, you might be ready to put some more power through your strokes and go faster. Racing fins come in a range of shapes and sizes dependant on the conditions. However, as a general rule racing fins have a smaller surface area and have a swept back leading edge. For choppy conditions, a longer, thin fin (i.e. one that goes deeper into the water) will cope with the waves, and still be fast. For calmer conditions, a flatter fin will get the best result. A fin with a lower surface area will always compromise on stability, but given you you are choosing to go fast, this might not be so much of an issue!

choosing the right SUP fin

Example Surf Fin

3. Surf Fins

Maximum manoeuvrability is the name of the game for these fins. Turning sharp corners are easiest on surf fins, making it a great fin for catching some waves. On the flip side, making the board travel in a straight line is considerably more difficult with these fins, and in the wind they will drift more easily. These fins have rounder tips.

We hope that this has helped in choosing the right SUP fin, any questions do not hesitate to be in touch.

Happy Paddling!

The Fatyak Team

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