SUP Yoga

What a fantastic idea to combine yoga and SUP’ing to create “SUP yoga”! There are so many benefits to performing yoga, and even more by trying it on a Stand up Paddle board (SUP). Here are a few of the reasons:

It’s a great workoutSUP Yoga

SUP Yoga has the benefits of burning calories, improving your strength as well as your flexibility. The instability of the board on the water in comparison to the solid ground will be a significant step-up. Even for the most experienced yoga masters.

It is relaxing and peaceful

Yoga is about the relaxation and focus of the mind as well as physical strength, control and flexibility. This peacefulness and calm does wonders for your mental wellbeing, especially in a hectic modern life. Being in the naturalSUP Yoga environment, in the fresh air and with the sound of the water also has many other benefits.

It is fun!

SUP yoga is a real challenge, and you will have a lot of fun with a like-minded group who can try it with you. No doubt you might fall in a few times before you are able to fully control your board and your poses!

It is inexpensive

The only cost to SUP yoga is the board, however hiring can be a great SUP Yogaalternative if you don’t want to invest in your own. Some examples of hire centres that stock our Samos SUP’s: Calypso Kayak Hire, Rutland Adventure and coming soon Fluid Adventures and Shark Attack Watersports.

Happy kayaking!

The Fatyak Team.

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