Eco-friendly bodyboard

Eco-Friendly Bodyboard from Fatyak

Cheap polystyrene boards are becoming a real problem on some of the UK’s beaches, with up to 600 boards being collected from Westcountry beaches in the summer of 2016 .

Neil Hembrow, BeachCare Officer, said: “The amount of these cheap broken polystyrene boards we find is incredible. 600 in August alone from a few beaches. If we collected these UK wide we’d have a huge warehouse full. I’d encourage anyone visiting our beaches to buy a better quality board that will last a lot longer. Although better quality boards may cost more they will last 10 summer holidays rather than 10 minutes.” Read the full article here.

Ec-friendly bodyboard

3 year warranty

Fatyak’s bodyboard, the Hönö is made of a high quality plastic which will last for many seasons. This makes it a great eco-friendly bodyboard option. We are proud to say that we now have a 3 year warranty on all of our kayaks and boards. Therefore, every Hönö bought will result in a reduction of waste for our beaches and landfill!

Lower carbon footprint

The Hönö is manufactured in the UK, therefore making it a low-carbon alternative to the cheap boards which are almost all made in China and imported. These cheap boards are shipped across the planet to end up in our landfill sites – It is such an incredible waste! The Fatyak factory is in Williton, Somerset.

Not only is the Hönö eco-friendly due to it’s durability, it’s also really versatile. Play in the waves for hours without it snapping, surf the sand dunes or use it as a sledge in the snow! It really is a multi-purpose fun board for the whole year round.

Fatyak – a Green Company

Fatyak is a company that cares about the environment. We love our beaches and waterways and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We use green energy in our factory, plus we harvest our rain water. Furthermore we have PV solar panels for generating our own electricity.

Therefore, if you care about the environment buy a long lasting option when you look for your next bodyboard.

Happy boarding!

The Fatyak Team.

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The Hönö bodyboard is available for customers to buy in a range of 10 funky colours for only £74.Hono eco-friendly bodyboard