Essential Accessories for Kayaking on a Sit on Top

Essential accessories for kayakingAll those little extra items are what makes a successful and safe kayaking trip. But what are the must-have accessories? Our team of experts here at Fatyak are here to help you out!


We can’t forget the most obvious kayaking accessory! Our two-piece paddle suits both left and right handed paddlers. It has asymmetric blades, which you need for paddling a kayak. View in Shop.

Safety Items

Safety should be your number #1 priority when paddling, and a buoyancy aid is a must-have when kayaking in any conditions, no matter how experienced you are. A small first aid kit can be carried in one of the hatches. A whistle can also be very useful for communicating to others if you are in a group, or if you get into difficulties. Have the whistle attached to your lifejacket or buoyancy aid. Furthermore, a safety throw line, blunt tipped rescue knife, mobile phone (in a waterproof case) and if possible a VHF marine radio. If you really want the belt and braces approach, an LED signal flare.


This is a really important accessory to own, and we would recommend having more than one. Firstly, your paddle should always be leashed to your boat. This is because if you drop your paddle (maybe you are kayak fishing, or getting something out of one of the hatches and it slips off your lap), it can be difficult and dangerous attempting to get back to shore without it. A leash can be used for other important items in your boat too if they are not already in the hatches. View in shop.


A sit on top trolley is a brilliant item, especially for those long pebbly beaches or paths down to the water’s edge. It is your perfect companion when you don’t have another mate with you to carry the other end of the kayak, and it saves you dragging it which can cause significant damage to the underside of the kayak. View in Shop.


This is an essential for comfort whilst you paddle. We provide three different options for paddlers, Basic, Komfort and Sports. View in Shop.

Inflatable Roof Rack

We would highly recommend a self-inflating roof rack. It is a cheap and  easy way of protecting both your car and the bottom of the kayak as you transport it. There are also numerous other more solid rack options for multiple kayaks or longer bumpier journeys. View in Shop.


On a sit on top kayak you have slightly less connectivity with the boat, and therefore many people choose to use legstraps to keep them a little more stable. They can be especially handy when fishing, or in slightly choppier water to keep the paddler firmly in position. View in shop.

Cam Straps

These are multi-use straps to tie down your kayak. They can be used to help tie your kayak to your vehicle as well as to hang it in storage in your garage for instance. There is always a use for these straps and we would highly recommend keeping them handy! View in shop.

Essential kayaking accessoriesDry Bags and Waterproof Phone Case

Dry bags are really handy for keeping your important gear dry. A waterproof phone case is also great, this way you can keep it attached to your lifejacket within easy reach without worrying about it getting splashed.

Fluids and Snacks!

Take a drink with you and some food. If you plan on being out for a longer time, make sure you have spare food incase you get into difficulty.

Clothing Accessories

When kayaking, it is imperative to dress for the conditions, so what you bring will depend on this. However, a couple of items we can recommend include neoprene sandals (or boots in cold weather) to protect your feet as you wade out from the shoreline and also a good pair of neoprene gloves. In hot weather, it is really easy to get sunburnt, so you will be grateful for a hat, sunglasses and suncream. You will be able to find a wide range online to suit the weather conditions!

We have many of these items available in our shop, and also have an ‘essential accessories‘ bundle which incorporates many (not all) of the items listed above. Buying this bundle will save you £35!

Any questions? Talk to us on our online chat system or drop us a note on our contact form.

Happy and safe paddling,

The Fatyak Team

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