Choosing the best sit on top kayak

Rapids? Lake fishing? Surf and swell? Kayaks for the larger paddler? Choosing the best sit on top kayak can be a tricky task, but at Fatyak we are here to make it as simple as possible for you. Below we describe our sit on top kayak fleet and explain which kayak is suitable for what purpose.

Option 1: The Kaafu Single Seater Kayak          Buy Now

Great for: A first kayak. Entry level all-rounder. Price: From £655.00

Key benefits: Great value and versatile.

The Kaafu is a great entry level sporting kayak. It’s sporty contours and light weight offer fantastic stability in the water, while making it great for some serious racing action too. Not only is the Kaafu great for beach fun and inland paddling, with a wide range of available addons it can be very nicely adapted to make a great solo fishing kayak, with the kaddy storage hatch, fishfinder mounts and more. Even without those however, the Kaafu is well equipped straight from the factory with paddle parks and storage hatches as standard.

best sit on top kayak

Option 2: The Mahee Tandem Kayak            Buy Now

Great for: Families, Larger Paddlers, Fishing, Touring, Exploration. Price: From £785.00

Key benefits: Great value all-rounder tandem kayak.

Capable of seating two paddlers, or three with a small child as part of the team, the Mahee makes a great piece of kit for some social kayaking as well as family days on the water. Of course, for those more strident in their kayaking abilities it can of course be paddled alone. It is a great option for a larger paddler (either heavier, taller or both). Simply sit at the back of the kayak and away you go. The Mahee’s relatively large size as opposed to the rest of the range makes it great for expeditions on the water, lending itself well to fishing trips or some longer exploring sessions.

best sit on top kayak

Option 3: The Surf Single Seater Kayak          Buy Now

Great for: Kids, Casual Paddlers  Price: From £499.00

Key benefits: Lightweight, manoeuvrable and small.

Are you just down for having some fun mucking about in the waves? Not as serious a paddler as others? The Fatyak™ Surf could be the perfect choice for you – its the cheapest of our range making it excellent value for those who are looking to give kayaking a go, and are after an easy introduction into the vast world of paddling. Furthermore the Surf needn’t be limited to one person’s enjoyment; the versatility it offers in its easily manoeuvrable and flexible design means it can be shared amongst the family, suitable for a wide range of ages, and is great for paddling, training, surfing, whitewater, touring, or fishing – whatever you want to make of it!

Happy Paddling!

The Fatyak Team.
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