Choosing a fishing kayak

Choosing a fishing kayak can be a daunting task. There are many options out there on the market at the moment and the choices might be overwhelming. Most models can be broken down into two categories – single seater and double seater (tandem). This is a good place to start – will you be fishing alone or with friends? Below we will run through the features of our two models (one single seater, and one tandem) so that you have a good idea of what to look for in a great fishing kayak.

Choosing a fishing kayak

The Kaafu Single Seater

Tip: Something to bear in mind when you a price comparing is how many extras come included in the price you are paying. Here at Fatyak, even if you choose ‘kayak only’ at checkout (without paddle or seatback), you will still get all the fishing accessories listed below, including mounting blocks, anchor trolley kit (including anchor), rod holders and extra clipping points.

Kaafu Single Seater Fishing Kayak

This first model we will look at is our Fishing Specific Kaafu Single Seater Kayak.

As you can see from the image below, it is packed with features specific for fishing. It is a sit on top kayak, which is best for kayak fishing because it enable the angler to move in the boat as easily as possible.
Beginner's Fishing Kayak Tips

Anchor Trolley kit


An anchor trolly kit, which includes an anchor (left) comes as standard with the Kaafu Fishing Specific kayak. The rear stowage recess is very generous, giving you plenty of room to store your fishing gear. In the front of the boat there is a watertight compartment. This is perfect for storing anything you don’t want getting wet.

The mounting block in the centre of the boat between the paddlers legs can be used for a number of purposes. It can hold a fish finder (a sonar device which tracks fish movements around the boat), a GPS device for navigation or a ram rod holder which can then be used to hold another rod.

Rod holder – demonstration

There are two flush mounted rod holders, one on either side of the seat (image left).

Moulded in carry handles make it easy to carry but also double up as a security feature as you can put a lock through them. The boat has a hull design which makes it track superbly in the water, as well as it being wide enough to provide the stability a fisherman requires.

This kayak is designed to cope well with some sea swell too, so it’s not just for flat water.

Got all that? Let’s move on to the double seater (tandem) fishing kayak!

Mahee Tandem Fishing Kayak

Our second model is the Mahee Tandem Fishing Specific Kayak. This kayak is slightly larger and therefore has the benefit of more storage space (an extra watertight compartment and also an easy access storage tray for bait). It’s size also makes it even more stable. Instead of two rod holders, this boat has four (two for each angler).

Apart from those points, the features are very similar to the single seater, with the same clips, anchor trolley kit, mounting block and a plethora of clipping points and bungees as standard.

One commonly asked question is ” Can the Mahee be paddled/fished from solo?”. The answer is yes, by sitting in the rear seat. The front seat can be used to hold extra gear.
Beginner's fishing kayak tips

We hope this has helped you in choosing a fishing kayak for yourself. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or comments!

Happy kayak fishing,

The Fatyak Team