Fatyak™ Kayaks Rental and Trade

Our UK made Fatyak™ Kayaks are perfect for the rental market as they are so stable, easy to paddle and great for all abilities. We have sold many fleets into water sports centres, kayak rental business and holiday sites.

If you think Fatyak™ Kayaks would be a great addition to your business, either in the UK or overseas get in touch:

“Fatyaks literally bounce!”

Action-Sports“In addition to being a Fatyak™ dealership we also hire these amazing kayaks out from our Beach Activities Centre in Worthing so we have first-hand experience of living with them on a day-to-day basis.

We need kayaks that are tough, safe, and easy to paddle and the Fatyak™ range fits the bill perfectly. Children as young as 6 can handle them with ease and we have even had adults weighing over 20 stone singing their praises and commenting on their amazing stability.

They’re so stable that we’ve even caught people standing up in them and using them as Stand-Up-Paddleboards! The build quality and robustness of Fatyaks™ are second to none, but they are also compact and light enough to be carried up and down the beach by one person thanks to the handy grab handles and the minimal overall weight.

As you can imagine, our Fatyak™ hire fleet gets very used and abused. They spend all day getting bumped and scraped up and down the rocks and pebbles on Worthing Beach and then they have to sit in the blazing sun for hours on end covered in salt water. Despite all of this, we are always amazed to see how each kayak still looks so good at the end of each day. The colours are always fresh and the toughness of the hulls means that even after extensive use there are only very minor abrasions to the underside but nothing more serious than that. We’ve even accidentally dropped a few of them from the top bunk of our kayak trailer straight onto the shingle beach and they literally just bounce!”

Mike Day (Owner)
Action Sports International Ltd, West Sussex

“Fatyaks give us peace of mind!”

“As a national provider of training for the outdoor industry in the UK we need to be able to rely on our fleet equipment 100% and know that it’s going to do its job whatever the situation.  The Fatyak™ range gives us this peace of mind.

Thoughtful and well informed design, excellent build quality and functional accessories make Fatyak™ products the first choice for us.  We use our fleet on lakes, rivers, on the coast and in the surf.  Feedback from our clients is consistently good and the flexibility of the range allows us to make provision for all. Fatyak’s™ after-sales service and support demonstrates a real commitment to our business which is invaluable to us.  I would absolutely recommend Fatyak™ Kayaks as our first choice for recreational or fleet purchase.”

Jim Whittaker, Managing Director
Channel Adventures Ltd/Channel Training Ltd

“Fatyaks provide maximum grin factor!”

“We are a relatively new business and are very proud to have received such support from FatYak™. We contacted them before we started up regarding our business and they have been very helpful throughout. The products themselves are truly fantastic.

We are a hire company providing all FatYaks™ products and have tried all the kayaks and the Hono in different conditions and they are brilliant fun. The FatYak™ kayaks are so stable and simple to use that anyone can take them out and have fun, there is no need to be able to roll or do anything complicated just a case of jump on and get out there.

The FatYak™ Surf has been the most commonly used over the past few months due to the conditions and does exactly what it says on the tin, surf! It’s light, stable, and manoeuvrable and is fantastic fun in the waves achieving maximum grin factor and you don’t even have to go far from the beach front.

We cannot thank FatYak™ enough for the help and support in our new venture. They provide fantastic products and support, they are also made in the UK which to us is very important.””

Liam Lamb
North Berwick Kayak Hire

“Fatyak Kayaks were the obvious choice for us”

“The Outdoor Shop & Kayak Centre are ideally situated in the beautiful coastal town of Combe Martin, offering both an extensive hire fleet as well as a retail operation, being a Fatyak Dealership for North Devon”

Having spent nearly 10 years as a full time professional maritime search & rescue manager & trainer, Fatyak Kayaks were the obvious choice for us. The moulded storage hatches are a simple yet excellent idea, mitigating any possibility of water ingress through large holes cut into the deck area as seen on a lot of other kayaks. The stability & manoeuvrability of the Kaafu is almost legendary for a sit-on-top kayak, this enables us to coach skills not normally achievable on other brands of sit-on-top kayaks. Our hire fleet has now been totally converted to Fatyak kayaks & have proven time & again over the last few years to be both durable and a pleasure to paddle. The Hono board has proven to be a big success in our retail store as well, a near bomb proof body board that is equally at home in the snow.

Vince Irwin
The Outdoor Shop & Kayak Centre

“Fatyaks making a splash in the rental market!”

“H2Outdoor is one of the leading outdoor adventure companies in North Devon and has been specialising in water sports for more than 10 years. As part of our 2015 season, we decided to purchase some new Fatyak Kaafus to add to our fleet of kayaks and due to their popularity, we will be purchasing extras for the forthcoming year.

H2Outdoor tested our Kaafu kayak with some of their customers during some instruction sessions, and feedback was resoundingly positive from both instructors and students. From the customer’s perspective, they found the kayaks very forgiving for beginners due to their easy maneuverability and straight tracking capabilities. Additionally, the Fatyak™ kayak had many benefits making it great for the rental market – including moulded handles for storage and security, as well as being robust and small enough to easily transport several with a small van or roof rack – they could even be carried down to the beach with just one person per kayak, making them a great choice for group sessions. Additionally, a fleet of Fatyak™ kayaks is a sound financial choice as they are one of the cheapest on the market. H2Outdoor’s customers, with a wide range of paddling experience, and in a wide range of conditions, found them great fun to paddle overall.”

Matthew De Havilland
H2Outdoor Adventure Specialist

“We were very impressed!”

fluidmahees“When Fatyak™ initially contacted us to sell us boats, and subsequently sent us a demo, we were very impressed. Upon receiving the demo and giving it some pretty thorough testing (hopefully) above and beyond what our clients would put them through we were very impressed with how the boat responded to the abuse.

The Fatyak™ track easily in a straight line – a major bonus for us as we frequently hire ours out, and have groups of small kids who would normally find it a little difficult getting to grips with going in a straight line. The Fatyak™ boats are also very manoeuvrable for their size – the kaafus spin on the spot with little more effort than a white water kayak, and with two people the Mahee is equally as handy. The stability of the Fatyak™ boats was a major benefit to us, as we quickly found we could play all the games we wanted with clients only falling in by choice, as opposed to the boat tipping them in.fluid

Turning attention to the company, Fatyak™ are great with offering support, sending out replacements for when we did manage to break bits of the outfitting of the boats. And they even delivered the boats to us (and craned them over a wall, much to the entertainment of people walking past). We will be replacing our fleet of sit on tops with Fatyaks™ for the 2016 season, and aim to maintain that relationship into the future.”

Phil Smith, Director
Fluid Adventures