Sit on Top Fishing Kayaks
sit on top fishing kayak

Fishing from our Kaafu Fishing Specific Kayak

At Fatyak we currently have two sit on top fishing kayaks that are specifically designed for anglers. The Kaafu Single Fishing Kayak and the Mahee Tandem Fishing Kayak. Both are fantastic options for kayak fishing with the following features:

  • -Flush mounted rod holders
  • -Anchor trolley kit with cleat and anchor
  • -Mounting block for ram rod holder/fish finder or GPS
  • -Central Hatch Clipping Points
  • -Additional Front Bungee Clip
  • -Dome Storage Hatch Handles
  • -Scupper Holes suitable for Transducers
  • -Rear Storage Additional Clipping Points

Key Differences

The Kaafu Fishing Kayak is a single seater kayak with 2 rod holders. It is the smaller of the two kayaks, light and easily maneuverable. Best suited to the single angler.

The Mahee Fishing Kayak is a 2/3 seater kayak with 4 rod holders (2 front,2 rear), plus 2 mounts for fish finders. It also has an easy access trays for knives, scissors, hooks and weights, etc.  In general the Mahee has more space for kit and catch, but is also bigger and therefore heavier. Best suited for a family fishing trip or longer excursion where space is needed onboard for equipment.

What is Kayak Fishing?

Kayak fishing is the act of fishing from a kayak. Kayak fishing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and abroad and can be performed both in coastal waters and inland on lakes and rivers. The real draw with kayak fishing is the anglers manoeuvrability, meaning that fisherman can glide easily around finding the optimum location to fish from.

This is an example of one of our fishing kayaks the Mahee, which is a tandem kayak suitable for 2/3 paddlers.

Sit on top fishing kayaks