Top 3 places in the UK to go kayak fishing

Do you love kayak fishing and are planning a trip to the UK? Do you live in the UK and would like to explore the best places to fish in a kayak? Planning to buy a fishing kayak for your trip? Well, you have some amazing options. Let’s check the top 3 places in the UK to go Kayak fishing.

1. Derwent Water

Derwent Water is located in the Lake District, UK and is one of the most famous places to go Kayak fishing. The place is also fondly called “The Queen of The Lakes”. If you want fish that weigh over 20lb, this is the perfect place for you. This place is well known for its natural beauty and the elegance of Derwent Water is simply breathtaking. Many tourists from all over the world come here to appreciate its charm. The access granted to the Kayak fishermen is good near the east shore. The fish commonly available here are Pike, trout, perch, etc.

The waters are still and calm. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this place will be suitable for you.

Summers can be crowded with lots of hustle and bustle around.  If you are looking forward to having a quiet time away from the multitude, plan accordingly.

2. Cornwall River Fal

The River Fal rises on the Goss Moor through Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The waters of the River Fal are sparkling and clear. The surrounding area is comprised of an amazing system of waterways. 

In the winter months you can find Cornish mackerel in the estuary. This is an ideal spot for winter fishing as it is a little more sheltered from the elements than the open water. Other fish you can find here include: herring, pollack, whiting, dogfish, john dory and seabass (to name just a few!). 

Be careful, as it is prohibited in some areas of the estuary to catch certain species of fish from a vessel – yep that includes kayaks! But there are plenty of other fish in the area to legally catch. Be sure to check local fishing restrictions and plan your trip accordingly.

Make sure you take your kayak fishing equipment like your rods, scissors, scalars and fish finders

There are a huge variety of lakes and places to choose for kayak fishing, but this is also a great place to satisfy your wanderlust. You could go with a group or even as a duo, the fishing experience will be incredible. Over the years, this has become a real fun spot for many people in the UK as well as around the world.

3. Snowdonia

Snowdonia is the ideal place to go kayaking for the very first time. The idyllic freshwater lakes are most suitable for a relaxing time. 

The National Park of Snowdonia is one of the best places for kayaking and is home to many kayakers. The scenery and the freshness of the lakes there make it an attractive picnic spot for many tourists. This is one of the best places to go for a British holiday, especially during the summer.  

Lyn Tegid (Bala Lake) is a vast lake in Snowdonia. It contains 14 species of fish including perch, roach, pike, trout, grayling and eels. You must obtain a rod licence and a fishing permit before fishing here, you can find more details here. If you plan to take your kayak you will also require a boat permit (these start at £3.50).

Other popular Snowdonia fishing spots include Llyn Dywarchen (a stunning reservoir stocked with rainbow and brown trout) and Llyn Brenig (fly fishing only).

Apart from kayak fishing, you could also enjoy rafting, surfing, bodyboarding and wakeboarding in the area. Great for family members who may be adverse to fishing!  

Snowdonia has many picturesque lakes to go to and have a breathtaking adventure!

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