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Sit on top kayak kaafu

Kaafu Kayak

Single seater sit on top kayaks for use on rivers, lakes and sea. Great for fitness, lightweight and fast with unique stablilty lines. Available in 9 colours.

sit on top kayak

Surf Kayak

Single seater lightweight sit on top kayak for surfing, fitness, white water and beach fun. Ideal for kids and beginners, easy to paddle. Available in 10 colours.

sit on top kayak

Mahee Kayak

2/3 seater sit on top kayak ideal for family fun, day plays, exploring on slow moving rivers, small ocean swells or waves. Available in 9 colours.

Hono Fun board

Hono Fun Board

Multipurpose fun board for body boarding or knee boarding in the waves or for having fun in the snow! How much fun can you handle? Available in 10 colours.

SIt on top kayaks

Adventure S Mahee

A lighter, stronger and more durable Mahee 2/3 seater kayak. Perfect for the more serious paddlers. Available in Stealth Black and Orange.

Sit on top kayak

Adventure S Kaafu

A stronger, lighter and more durable version of the single seater Kaafu kayak. The perfect choice for serious paddlers. Available in stealth black and orange.

kayaking accessories


All the extras you need to go with your kayak or board including gloves, seatbacks, balaclavas, storage pods, anchors and leashes.

Stand up paddle board

Stand up Paddle Board

The Samos boasts an all-rounder profile, demonstrating the performance of a leisure board with additional features valuable for touring and surfing.