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Our Mission

Fatyak is under new management, with a new direction of becoming a carbon-neutral water sports brand with an emphasis on ocean protection. We proudly announce our partnership with Odyssey Innovation, the pioneers behind the ‘world’s first marine recycled kayaks.’ Through them, we have now added recycled kayaks, bodyboards, and surfing handplanes to our range!

The sale of every recycled kayak helps protect our seas and waterways from marine plastic and significantly reduces the C02 used in manufacturing.


Sit on Top Kayaks

Sit on Top Kayaks

View our full range of sit on top kayaks, including kids kayaks, single seater and tandem kayaks.

SUP’S, Bodyboards, and Hand Planes

View our full range of stand-up paddleboards, bodyboards, and hand planes.

kayak Accessories

Kayak Accessories

View our range of all the essential kayaking accessories, from spare parts to storage and transportation aids.

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