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Your FATYAK™ kayak comes with the following label containing important safety information. This label should be considered a permanent part of your kayak. If the label comes off or becomes hard to read, please contact FATYAK™ for a replacement.


Read owners information leaflet before use and always follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Check that you are capable of handling the prevailing conditions and that this craft is
  • compatible with the intended use.
  • Always wear an approved flotation device.
  • Only use this kayak if you can swim.
  • Be sure to practice capsize and rescue techniques.
  • Wear a helmet when appropriate.
  • Dress for weather conditions.
  • Be aware of weather and water conditions.
  • Never kayak alone or in flood conditions.
  • Check your equipment for serviceability prior to use.
  • Do not use alcohol or mind altering drugs before or during use.
  • Do not open hatches or drain plugs whilst on the water.
  • The user of this product accepts that paddling can be inherently dangerous – river and weather
  • conditions can change quickly, causing injury or death.
  • Store kayak undercover away from the sun’s potentially harmful rays.


  • Padeyes
    14 fixed position padeyes are located on the deck to facilitate the strapping down of cargo and the attachment of seat and leg straps. The padeyes are fixed by using stainless steel screws and moulded brass inserts that will not leak.
  • Foot Braces
    Moulded fixed position foot braces
  • Carry Handle
    Carry handles are provided for two person lifting operations
  • Drain Plug
    A drain plug is provided to release any water ingress and to equalize air pressure during transit and/ or storage.


  • Adjustable Leg Straps
    Unhook strap fasteners from the padeyes. Adjust straps to desired position. Lock fasteners back into padeyes.
  • Adjustable Seat Back
    Adjustable seatback folds down for easy storage. Unhook strap fasteners from padeyes. Adjust straps to desired position. Lock fasteners back into padeyes
  • Paddle Holder
    Paddle can be secured by bungee strap using a padeye on either side of the deck
  • Optional Kayak Paddle
    Insert paddle with location pin into paddle with hole opening.Twist until spring-loaded pin locates into place.


  • Never exceed the maximum weight capacity.
  • Never exceed your ability: Assess your physical capability as to how far and how long you can paddle and swim.
  • Make sure the drain plug is secured: The drain plug is located on the rear deck.
  • Always familiarize yourself with the body of the water where you will be boating: Learn what hours boating is permitted, whether there are any known hazardous conditions, and where you can get help quickly in case of an emergency or accident.
  • Always abide by Coast Guard regulations and State and Local laws, regulations, ordinances and rules concerning boating and boating safety: Check with Coast Guard and local authorities concerning proper handling and the proper equipment to be carried onboard, such as lights and sound-producing devices.
  • Never use or consume alcohol, drugs or any other substance that may affect your coordination, judgment or ability to safely operate the boat.
  • Sound device: The Coast Guard requires boaters to have a means of signaling other boats of their presence. You should always keep a device such as a whistle in the boat at all times. If possible, attach the sound device to your Personal Flotation Device.
  • Never stand up in the boat: Standing in the boat may cause it to capsize. If the boat should capsize, please note that, in most cases it is far more dangerous to attempt to swim to shore than to stay with the boat.
  • Slippery when wet: The hull material may be slippery when wet. Always wear slip-resistant shoes.
  • Hypothermia: Boating accidents in cold water are very dangerous. Hypothermia (the loss of body heat due to immersion in cold waters) can be deadly. Survival time can be as short as 15 minutes in 35°F (2°C) water. Dress appropriately for weather conditions, wearing a wet or dry suit if necessary.
  • Never allow minors to use this boat without adult supervision.
  • Always tell someone your boating plans: Inform others of your boating plans… where you are going, how long you will be gone and when you expect to return.
  • Never use this boat in severe weather conditions: Although stable, large waves could cause the boat to overturn.
  • Do not paddle in flood conditions. Never use this boat in rapids or fast moving currents: This boat is designed for leisure. The boat could be damaged and/or the occupants could be severely injured should they attempt to utilize it in any other way.
  • Never use this boat after sunset: This boat is not equipped with horns or lighting equipment required to ensure the safety of its occupants.
  • Always wear a helmet where appropriate.
  • Always wear a Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) when using this boat: Before going boating, read the PFD manufacturer’s information pamphlet regarding the PFD and thoroughly familiarize yourself with how the PFD is to be worn.


  • Store your kayak on its side. Do not store your boat on its hull.
  • To protect your kayak, provide shelter from sun using a UV protective cover suspended above the boat. To prevent excessive heat build-up, do not
  • lay cover directly on its surface. Leave adequate space to allow for air circulation.
  • If possible, it is best to store your kayak inside for the winter. If stored outside, custom mooring covers that prevent water and debris from
  • accumulating are available from local marine dealers.
  • Before storing your boat, open the drain plug and stand boat on its stern to drain water.
  • Don’t allow water to accumulate and freeze between the deck and hull.
  • Don’t leave the boat on roof racks or narrow supports for long periods as dents will form in the hull.


Your FATYAK™ kayak is manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). It is a very durable material. Our specially formulated MDPE has an ultraviolet inhibitor blended throughout the material to reduce color fade and maintain its strength. Polyethylene is a somewhat flexible material with some memory. This means it has a tendency to return to its original moulded shape if distorted.


Your Fatyak™ kayak has been manufactured to and is compliant with all aspects of BS7852:1997 Design of Canoes and Kayaks for a General Purpose Kayak.


  • Make sure your drain plug is secure. The drain plug is located to the back of the deck.
  • Make sure you always wear a Personal Flotation Device.
  • Check for wind conditions, currents or wave conditions that would make it difficult to paddle back.
  • Always let someone know of your boating plans, your boating location, and when you expect to return.


Your kayak is designed to require minimal maintenance, and a little timely care will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Whenever you wash your kayak, use mild soap and water. Rinse your boat and hardware thoroughly after paddling in salt, brackish or polluted water. Occasional operational checkups will keep your boat in tip top condition. Check neoprene hatch covers, cables, buckles, straps and other moving parts for wear, and replace them when necessary. Give your hull and deck a thorough review annually. Light nicks, scratches and scrapes are part of the paddling experience, but deep scratches should be repaired. Polyethylene is a somewhat flexible material with some memory. This means it has a tendency to return to its original moulded shape if distorted. If this occurs, follow these steps:

1. Relieve the pressure that caused the dent or distortion by supporting the boat differently or removing the gear.
2. Place the boat in the warm sun. Usually the south side of a building is the warmest spot. As the boat warms up, usually (but not always) the boat will return to its original molded shape. This may take a few hours or a couple of weeks depending upon outside temperatures and the degree of distortion.

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