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The Adventure Kaafu Kayak from Fatyak is a durable and light sit on top kayak. Made from a high grade of plastic its weight is only 20kg*, making it a better choice for more serious paddlers, or those who will get a lot of use out of their boat. The Kaafu also comes in a fishing specific option, kitted out with all the gear for keen anglers.

*Please note this item is not supplied with seats or paddles as standard. If you would like to add a seat and paddle to your order, please check out our Kaafu kayak package deal here.

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This single seater sit on top kayak comes packed with great features:



Each boat also comes with:

Padeyes, Drain Plug, Paddle Holder Bungee and Deck Loop Fittings.

Why choose the Kaafu single seater sit on top Kayak?

All Fatyak kayaks are a one piece rotationally moulded kayak and therefore have no seams and no joints. Manufactured to the highest quality in the UK using using high density UV stabilised polyethylene. We take our quality control very seriously at Fatyak so in the unlikely event of a problem with your kayak we will always strive to attend to it immediately.

A sit on top kayak is a great choice, especially with novice paddlers as it is safer than an enclosed kayak. This is due to the fact that if a capsize occurs, the paddler is not trapped in the boat. It is also more comfortable for the majority of paddlers as it is not so restrictive.


Product Review by Sitons | https://www.sitons.com/kayak-reviews/fatyak/fatyak-kaafu/





Photos of the Kaafu Kayak in action

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Additional information

Weight N/A

Kayak Only


Length = 3020mm, Width = 770mm, Height = 300mm

Weight & Capacity

Weight = 18kgs*, Capacity = 130kgs

Optional Extras

Paddle, Seat Back, Leg Straps, Rod Holders, Rear Storage Security Bungee, Buoyancy Aids, Trolley.


Day Play, Exploring, Nature Watching, Beach Fun, Fitness


The Fatyak kayak is a one piece rotationally moulded kayak, no seams no joints and is manufactured using high grade high density UV stabilised polyethylene. It has moulded in padeye fixings giving unsurpassed leak protection.

Spare Parts

Broken or lost a part of your kayak? We have a full range of spare parts. Just head to our "spares" category in accessories.


Fatyak Limited warrants to the original owner of the Fatyak Kayak that any part of the boat that is defective in material of workmanship will be repaired without charge.

This warranty shall apply for a period of 1 year on the deck, hull and parts from the date of retail sale. Any warranties from suppliers of parts supersede the Fatyak limited warranty.

This warranty covers use under the normal conditions and does not cover damage caused by accident, alterations or misuse.

Freight to and from the manufacturing plant is at the owner’s expense. The serial number is located on the moulded-in safety transfer.

In the event of a warranty claim we can trace back through our manufacturing process with the unique serial number.

In order to be covered by this warranty customers must register their product serial number(s) via this link https://fatyak-kayaks.co.uk/fatyak-warranty-registration/.

14 reviews

  1. Joolz

    Have a Kaafu and others. Love it, Good for general messin about. Wave flat or other sit on kayaking stuff. Like thumbs up!

    Read more: http://www.sitons.com/kayaks/kaafu/#ixzz4ExSFJ3Jy

  2. Freddy P

    This was the first sit-on kayak I tried when coming out of retirement. Having coming from a competitive race paddling background I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew I wanted something fun. Well, the Kaafu certainly is that. Easy to use without the need for any real skill. Simply get on and go.
    The Kaafu is very versatile and suitable for many different paddlers.
    I used the Kaafu on a number of occasions and each time with a different seat. I have to admit I preferred the Piranha seat. You definitely need one for teh Kaafu though, preferable an anti slip. It’s a little uncomfortable without.
    All in all the Kaafu is good for various kayaking requirements. From what I see when scanning sit on websites, it’s an affordable sit on top kayak as well which makes it even more of a good choice.
    Read more: http://www.sitons.com/kayaks/kaafu/#ixzz4ExSxlOrr

  3. Daniel Callis

    The Kaafu is a great option Sit on top for those who can’t justify spending £500+ for a kayak, be it budget, use or otherwise.
    It comes with a lot more features than many kayaks in the same price range, including two storage wells and a back hatch. Considering many kayaks in this price range are limited to “floating in water” being the only feature, this is very welcome.
    As for handling, I’ve had the Kaafu out in both flat and wavey conditions and as an all rounder she seems to do the job just fine. Granted it may not be the fastest thing in the world to get around on, but with a decent paddle she’s more than capable of getting from A to B with relative ease.
    It’s certainly worth investing in a decent padded seat. Just 10 minutes out without one can wreak havock on the neck and lower back (at one point I had to stop and lay across the back hatch for a stretch!). If you are going to get a Kaafu, get a comfy clip on seat!
    Read more: http://www.sitons.com/kayaks/kaafu/#ixzz4ExTR5WBF

  4. Soggy Bottom

    I’ve been paddling a Kaafu for a couple of months and thought that it was time to share my experiences (especially considering the review/test you did here helped me choose it!).
    When I first started taking the Kaafu out I was really worried about my choice of new boat. Nice looking, well kitted out, but damn uncomfortable. Despite being set quite low in the hull, the moulded seat is quite shallow and doesn’t offer much support. As I haven’t yet bought the clip on seats, that means using your stomach muscles quite a lot to stay upright which really starts to ache after about 20 minutes on the water. The seat well is also quite wide, which means you need to turn your knees out a lot to brace, which puts a lot of strain on your inner thighs.

    The other comfort issue is that it fills with water, particularly in a bit of chop. The moulded handles seem to channel any chop up the side of the hull where it is then deposited in the seat well. Thanks to the low position of the sea and shallow channel up to it that water then ends up sharing a space with your butt for the rest of your paddle. This goes some way to explain my screen name!
    Now, the reason that I waited a few weeks before writing this review is that, despite the comfort issues, the Kaafu has some real promise. It tracks well for such a wide, stable boat, is built nicely, has good storage, rides a wave pretty well and is a really good price. All in all, despite the soggy bottom issues, I REALLY LIKE THIS BOAT.
    If you are thinking of getting a Fat Yak Kaafu, I’d suggest trying to get out on one first. Others might not have the same issues as me. I’d also suggest getting the back-rest / seat option to improve the comfort.

    Read more: http://www.sitons.com/kayaks/kaafu/#ixzz4ExTsR4DE

  5. Murray

    I just brought a Kaafu and is my first time buying a sit on, I found the kaafu to be excellent. It is easy to paddle and is very stable. For the price range I had £ 300 – £ 400 I couldn’t find anything as good. Highly recommended.
    Read more: http://www.sitons.com/kayaks/kaafu/#ixzz4ExUNKvK5

  6. Ben

    Been on many trips with this kayak, on sea, river, lake and had no problems, they look great and easy to use, storage domes are verry usefull and water tight i always put my phone inside and it keeps it safe and dry, ive found a new hobby that keeps me fit ??

  7. Robbie

    Excellent product!! would highly recommend, great quality and easy to use it

  8. Jon Caseley (verified owner)

    This is my first kayak and after lots of research I plumped for the Kaafu as it offers a great balance of features vs price. Not sure how I would take to kayaking I didn’t want to break the bank, but I did want a kayak that would put up with some serious use. I’ve loved every trip out on the Kaafu and that’s ranged from 30 minutes pottering in the surf to a more serious 3 hour expedition around some loval islands. The waterproof storage pods, whilst small, are very useful, and I also like the number of padeyes on the Kaafu as these allow me to attach equipment I don’t want to lose to the kayak. The rear storage-well is also very useful, but I indulged myself with a Fatyak Kaddy storage pod and that works much better than the drybag I had there before. I consider a seat-back essential for this kayak and opted forn the Sport seat-back; very comfy and attaches easily. I also bought the thigh straps which aid with comfort and control, but I wouldn’t consider these essential. The only thing I would do differently if I had my time again is buy the more expensive, lighter and stronger Adventure S version. When I ordered mine this model was only available in black. From a safety point of view I wanted a hi-viz colour so went for the standard Kaafu in orange. The Adventure S is now available in orange. Bah! Still, I am over the moon with my Kaafu and love the freedom it gives me and the fact that you can literally get on board and just start paddling. A great all-rounder, the kanny Kaafu 🙂

  9. Jeff Cross

    I have had a Kaafu for about 4 Years now & I must say I have had the most fun on this kayak than i have on any other one I have tried! When i first got it, i used to put my 6 year old son on it and we would paddle out for some fishing. I can remember when he caught his first mackerel. He was “Hooked” sorry for the pun! Not not long after, i got him a Surf model but now he is 10 I will be upgrading him to the Kaafu on his next Birthday!
    I have also paddled it out in the surf and was amazed at how stable it was. I did have visions of me getting very wet… but not the case, even for a novice like me! I had the most fun.
    Also, i find it so easy to carry with the moulded handles and the fact that its light weight makes it easy to put on the roof.
    I cant really be without it! Its made some of the dullest days ace fun!

  10. Annonymous

    As a serious canoeist I did a lot of research and found the Fatyak Kaafu to be the best sit on by a mile. The kayak has a good balance of rocker and keel, giving a manoeuvrable and easy boat to paddle. It is quite easy to get back on board after a swim, making it ideal for spear fishing or snorkelling. A brilliant kayak.

  11. Emily Gulliford

    They are so amazing!! We use a fleet of these kayaks at work, Channel Adventure, and they are so much fun for us!! Always tempted to take one home ?

  12. Jamie Gull

    So easy to use and so stable. I’ve used it in choppy sea and still canals and it feels at home on both.

  13. Ian Pillman

    I’ve owned a Kaafu for 3 years now and have also made other purchases for children and friends who I have recommended this excellent kayak to.
    The Kaafu offers good stability with a comfortable seating position. I have watched my son use it as a sup on calm water. We use them both in rivers and in the sea. It’s as comfortable in the surface at the beach as it is on a lake.
    I wouldn’t look anywhere else to make a purchase.
    Quality product at a good price and made not only in Britain but in the west country.

  14. Andrew Foxford

    I’ve owned a Kaafu for a few years and have loved every minute on it, it gives you great stability and a comfortable position to paddle. The Kaafu also has an ideal amount of storage in really convenient places, all in all a great sit on top for anyone wanting to get into kayaking.

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