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“Once you’re seated comfortably it’s immediately obvious just how stable the Kaafu is.

With a considerable amount of width and volume towards the back end of the boat, you feel secure when paddling in a straight line. Even slight wobbles are of no concern – the Fatyak™ remains upright keeping the paddler locked in.”




“A well manufactured accessory from Fatyak™, their Kaddy is great for loading up with all manner of gear for your paddling adventures.”




“In the water the Kaafu paddles like a dream, it’s nimble and agile in the surf and on the flat it tracks straight and true. It covers distance on the water easily and without fuss, which makes it great for touring and exploring.”





“The kayak is easy to manoeuvre, with staggered foot braces for resistances, as well as optional leg straps available online. It’s very comfortable and their is a range of optional seats to attach to your kayak.”





“On unwrapping the Mahee it was immediately evident that the fixtures and fittings were of a very high standard and that a considerable amount of thought had gone in to research and design.”




“We are particularly impressed that Fatyak™ have designed two dry storage hatches into a single kayak: one which is ideally located for access, between the legs and the other toward the bow.”




“As we have come to expect with Fatyak™ products, the Kaddy is well-made and well-proportioned.”

Devon Outdoors




“The Hono is a versatile and unique piece of kit; it looks good and is well made.”





“I have got ‘Fatyak™’ kayaks, and they are amazing bits of kit”





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