The Man Outdoors Reviews the Fatyak Samos SUP

Another great review just in from The Man Outdoors for the Samos Stand up Paddle board. Thinking of purchasing this SUP? Have a read…

“The Fatyak Samos (SUP) stand up paddle board is aimed to bridge the gap between inflatable and epoxy SUP Boards already on the market. Concentrating on robustness, stability and easy of use the Samos is perfect for the budding and novice paddler and ideal for rental users.”

Displaying how easy it is to get back on the Fatyak Samos with the central handholds and the boards natural stability

“I have never paddle boarded before trying the Samos. I had tried surfing about 10 years ago for a weekend in Newquay. Starting out I just kneeled on the board, first impressions of it’s stability was very impressive. I could happily rock the board from side to side with no fear of it flipping over. On the day, I was with my brother who had his jetski. We did a number of experiments of him circling me creating some pretty choppy water, which the board handled very well, both kneeling and standing.”

Even for taller or larger paddlers, the board is still stable and buoyant.

“Myself at 12.8 stone and my brother at 16.8 stone had no isues on the board, it offered high levels of buoyancy all day. As you can see from the photo below, using the built in handles on either side and the moulded in handle in the centre of the deck, remonting in deep water was very easy. Simply pull yourself up on to your chest and swing your legs on to the board. At no time did I think the board was going to flip over on top of me.”

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Happy paddling!

The Fatyak Team

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