Sitons Hono Review

The Hono, as Tez Plavenieks of says in their glowing review here, is indeed the perfect accessory for any Fatyak™ lover. Not only is it perfect for paddling throughout the summer and catching waves as you go, but the Hono is also perfect for putting to work through the winter – when the snow rolls around!


As noted in the review, the Hono is a great craft for kids and adults alike. For kids, it offers a forgiving entry to the water; easy to handle and flexible for use in all kinds of ways! Tez even mentions towing the kids behind a kayak. You could easily fit a family of four between a Mahee and a Hono!


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Technically speaking, Tez notes the stability of the Hono and its similarity to the rest of our range – now well known for being stable craft. Likewise, the contours of the Hono are praised for their resemblance to our sit on top kayaks; the kaafu, surf, and mahee all share similar traits.


Fittings, attention to detail and build quality overall are very well received, which of course is what we pride ourselves on. Overall, Tez deems the Hono to be a highly recommended piece of kit!