SUP Magazine Review the Fatyak Samos

Sup Mag have reviewed the Fatyak Samos and this is what they have to say…

Sup Mag is one of the biggest SUP dedicated magazines in the UK.

Stand up paddleboard

“Rotomoulded stand up paddle boards aren’t a new concept. Back at SUP’s inception a few overseas brands had some kicking about. Somerset based Fatyak, however, are the first British company to bring a plastic board to market and it’s the Samos we review here.

Anyone familiar with sit on top kayaks may have heard about Fatyak. Offering a bunch of sit down paddle designs it was only a matter of time before a FY SUP appeared. The Samos is an unusual looking beast. A myriad of chines and channels run through the hull and deck giving a slightly ‘tech’ appearance. Fixtures and fittings are similar to what you find on FY’s kayaks with an overall finish that’s polished and high end.

With its 10 feet of length and  36” inches of width(!) the Samos is a stable platform to say the least! You literally have to run off the Samos to fall off it. Combine this with a planted feel and there aren’t many boards that could rival it in terms of composure. Heavy weights, and newbies at that, should have no trouble getting to grips with SUP if learning atop a Samos.

Sweeping forwards and there’s a bulk of thickness up front in the nose area. This keeps the Samos locked in and directional. Together with the hull’s chines tracking is pretty good and even allows the Samos to be paddled sans fin. You do gain further efficiency when actually using the US box skeg but it’s nice to be able to use the Samos without in barely a foot of water – great for teaching anxious beginners who don’t like going out of their depth.

Manoeuvres are achievable – there’s certainly no reason why SUPers can learn to pivot turn and be proactive with footwork – it’s a livelier sled than you’d think. And while you could of course take the Samos into small waves it’s not really the board’s forte.

Learning to stand up paddle, cruising and even loading up with fishing gear and/or touring essentials are where the Samos really fits the bill. With such a stable platform it’d be a crying shame not to utilise this. And don’t forget the board’s construction lends itself to harsh environments making it great for rock hopping and craggy coastal discoveries.”

We hope you have found this useful!

Happy Paddling,

The Fatyak Team

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The Man Outdoors Reviews the Fatyak Samos SUP

The Man Outdoors Reviews the Fatyak Samos SUP

Another great review just in from The Man Outdoors for the Samos Stand up Paddle board. Thinking of purchasing this SUP? Have a read…

“The Fatyak Samos (SUP) stand up paddle board is aimed to bridge the gap between inflatable and epoxy SUP Boards already on the market. Concentrating on robustness, stability and easy of use the Samos is perfect for the budding and novice paddler and ideal for rental users.”

Displaying how easy it is to get back on the Fatyak Samos with the central handholds and the boards natural stability

“I have never paddle boarded before trying the Samos. I had tried surfing about 10 years ago for a weekend in Newquay. Starting out I just kneeled on the board, first impressions of it’s stability was very impressive. I could happily rock the board from side to side with no fear of it flipping over. On the day, I was with my brother who had his jetski. We did a number of experiments of him circling me creating some pretty choppy water, which the board handled very well, both kneeling and standing.”

Even for taller or larger paddlers, the board is still stable and buoyant.

“Myself at 12.8 stone and my brother at 16.8 stone had no isues on the board, it offered high levels of buoyancy all day. As you can see from the photo below, using the built in handles on either side and the moulded in handle in the centre of the deck, remonting in deep water was very easy. Simply pull yourself up on to your chest and swing your legs on to the board. At no time did I think the board was going to flip over on top of me.”

For the full review, click here:

Happy paddling!

The Fatyak Team

Stratford Sea Cadets Have High Praise for Fatyak Kayaks

Stratford Sea Cadets test out the Fatyak Kaafu

Stratford Upon Avon Sea Cadets are part of the UK’s oldest nautical youth charity, and the cadets have been trying out the Fatyak Kaafu.

This is some of the feedback the cadets have given us:

‘Loved it!’
‘I like how you can pull your knees up.’
‘It’s really smooth on the water.’
‘You can go really fast.’

The staff also loved it and they found that for some of our more nervous beginnings the sit on top Fatyak Kayak offers a good starting point as they can often feel a little claustrophobic in a standard kayak and worry about getting out if they tip.

So thank you so much, the cadets are having so much fun on the Fatyak and will continue to do so all summer.

Every year Stratford Sea Cadets take part in the Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival.  This is a huge event for the town and being Stratford it is also a big draw for tourists and the river is right at the heart of the town.  Every year there are cadets on the river in their rowing boats and kayaks demonstrating their skills.  This year there will be a cadet on a Fatyak and also a stand within the festival area on the river bank publicising the Sea Cadets, recruiting new cadets/volunteers and fundraising.  Fatyak will be providing a Hono Bodyboard for a raffle prize plus other great givaways!

For more information about the Stratford River Festival, which will be help on the 1st and 2nd of July 2017 click here.

For more information about the Sea Cadets, click here.

Are you part of a club or charity that could benefit from support from Fatyak? As well as being involved with many great causes over the UK, we also offer great trade rates for clubs or businesses wishing to purchase a fleet. Drop us a call or email us and we can go from there.

Happy Kayaking!

The Fatyak Team

Wild Tide Review the Fatyak Samos SUP

Wild Tide Review the Fatyak Samos SUP

Wondering whether to get the Samos Stand up Paddleboard and would like some really in-depth analysis of how the board handles, the pros and cons and how it compares to similar boards on the market? Read on…

Samos SUP

Here are some excerpts from Wild Tide’s review for the Samos SUP.

“When it arrived I was not disappointed. The colour is fantastic. I chose the Light Blue version, however, you can also get this in orange, green, yellow and red. When it arrived, I was dying to try it out and check out the features included. Vicky and I made the most of the good weather this weekend and headed to the beach, SUP included. Out on the water, the Samos proved a success.”Samos SUP

“Now obviously, you wouldn’t compare a £400 10′ sit on top kayak to a £2500 16′ touring sea kayak or even a 5’6″ white water freestyle kayak. So in the same way there is no point comparing the Samos to a fibre glass board or an inflatable one. It’s all horses for courses and they all suit different purposes. Of course you can get lighter, faster and more agile boards, but I honestly don’t know if you can get one that is so accessible and is so much fun. I will be comparing the Fatyak Samos to my other SUP which is rotationally moulded and made by Body Glove.”

Tough, forgiving and fun!

“The big one and it’s a huge one for me, is durability. As far as I’m concerned SUP is all about mucking about on the water, exploring, playing and having fun. The Samos does all these things brilliantly. It is possible explore caves, rocks and every nook and cranny of the shore, safe in the knowledge that you wont do much more than put a little scratch on it. You can hand it over to any family member confident that they wont be able to kill it. You can (and we do this a lot) paddle up next to your friend and jump between SUPs. It’s very tough, it’s very forgiving and it’s very fun.”

Read the full article here.

To view the Samos SUP in our shop, click here.

Happy Paddling!

The Fatyak Team

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Holiday Park and Resort Show

On the 9th and 10th of November we’re heading up to the NEC in Birmingham to spread the word about our Fatyak Kayaks and how much success people have found from incorporating them into their rental and demo fleets around the UK!

“We need kayaks that are tough, safe, and easy to paddle – and the Fatyak range fits the bill perfectly. Children as young as 6 can handle them with ease and we have even had adults weighing over 20 stone singing their praises and commenting on their amazing stability.”
 Action Watersports Ltd

There’s going to be a great array of speakers and seminars, including people from EE, AirBnb, and Anytime booking to name just a few, of around 150. The theme for the weekend is innovation and growth, making it a crucial date for anybody in the holiday park and resort industry looking to gain insider knowledge, tips and experiences that can be re-applied to their own company.

“Fatyak’s after-sales service and support demonstrates a real commitment to our business which is invaluable to us. I would absolutely recommend Fatyak Kayaks as our first choice for recreational or fleet purchase”
– Channel Adventures Ltd

We’ll be at stand 2090 showcasing our range of kayaks and boards. Our products have found great success in the rental and activities market so far and have been noted for their ease of use, flexibility, and value for money in particular.

“We are a relatively new business and are very proud to have received such support from Fatyak. We contacted them before we started up regarding our business and they have been very helpful throughout. The products themselves are truly fantastic.”
– North Berwick Kayak Hire

Many of our fleet customers have praised Fatyak Kayaks as the brand of choice for a variety of reasons ranging from robust and hardwearing designs, to portability and storage, to how easy it makes paddling for beginners and children. We’ll have a range of our products on display and be on hand to offer advice and insight on the place of kayaking and paddlesports in the rental and activities industry!

“Fatyak are great with offering support, sending out replacements for when we did manage to break bits of the outfitting of the boats. And they even delivered the boats to us, craning them over a wall, much to the entertainment of people walking past”
– Fluid Adventures

The advice available on funding, planning, grants, troubleshooting, tools and industry issues is invaluable to those interested. And best of all, its free! So whether you’re in the industry already, or interested in it, come over and check out the range of traders and speakers on display.


Below is a selection of Fatyak reviews and articles from just a few of our happy customers!




“Once you’re seated comfortably it’s immediately obvious just how stable the Kaafu is.

With a considerable amount of width and volume towards the back end of the boat, you feel secure when paddling in a straight line. Even slight wobbles are of no concern – the Fatyak™ remains upright keeping the paddler locked in.”



“A well manufactured accessory from Fatyak™, their Kaddy is great for loading up with all manner of gear for your paddling adventures.”



“In the water the Kaafu paddles like a dream, it’s nimble and agile in the surf and on the flat it tracks straight and true. It covers distance on the water easily and without fuss, which makes it great for touring and exploring.”




“The kayak is easy to manoeuvre, with staggered foot braces for resistances, as well as optional leg straps available online. It’s very comfortable and their is a range of optional seats to attach to your kayak.”




“On unwrapping the Mahee it was immediately evident that the fixtures and fittings were of a very high standard and that a considerable amount of thought had gone in to research and design.”



“We are particularly impressed that Fatyak™ have designed two dry storage hatches into a single kayak: one which is ideally located for access, between the legs and the other toward the bow.”



“As we have come to expect with Fatyak™ products, the Kaddy is well-made and well-proportioned.”

Devon Outdoors




“The Hono is a versatile and unique piece of kit; it looks good and is well made.”




“I have got ‘Fatyak™’ kayaks, and they are amazing bits of kit”




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Mo’s Kaafu, and how it came to be.

Being from a surf background beginning in Greece, Mo caught the paddling bug early on and soon had a go at sit-inside kayaking – a river, sea, and lake trip all based in New Zealand. And, without further ado – found herself researching all flavours of kayak online.

Mo told us she kept finding herself returning to the Kaafu – and why not? She noted its interesting shape, and the definitive contours underneath the craft, giving it the stability that the Kaafu is known for. Speaking of happy customers, Mo mentioned the love for the kayak that current customers already had, seen in a multitude of glowing reviews. Last of all, she noted how well priced it was.

Curious for a second opinion after continuing the search looking at kayaks in shops, Mo spoke to a dealer who made a solid point, particularly relevant for Mo. If she was indeed to be kayaking alone, a sit-on-top was, in the dealer’s opinion, the only way to go. The reason being – should the boat capsize, a traditional kayak would need to be swam to shore in order to be emptied of water before usage continued. However, a sit-on-top design (like the one employed by all Fatyak™ kayaks!), meant that you simply had to clamber back on-board. Being from a surf background, this point resonated rather well with Mo, and the search continued.

Mo found a local company, Fluid Adventures, which had one of our Kaafu kayaks on trial. She hired it for an hour, and sure enough, she found that it paddled very well for a beginner, and that she could lift the front end with ease – something that she noticed was not a universal feature for kayaks in her search. At 5’3”, and being no spring chicken with a tall car and roof rack to mount the kayak on, she knew it would be manageable.

Promptly receiving her Kaafu a week later, Mo found that it loaded very easily onto the car, and out on the Solent, found it stable and fun to paddle. Mo also gladly found that she fitted into the current kayaking trend – as the green Kaafu she purchased was matched by plenty of other green kayaks being purchased by youngsters too. Good job Mo, and keep fatyaking!


Sitons Hono Review

The Hono, as Tez Plavenieks of says in their glowing review here, is indeed the perfect accessory for any Fatyak™ lover. Not only is it perfect for paddling throughout the summer and catching waves as you go, but the Hono is also perfect for putting to work through the winter – when the snow rolls around!


As noted in the review, the Hono is a great craft for kids and adults alike. For kids, it offers a forgiving entry to the water; easy to handle and flexible for use in all kinds of ways! Tez even mentions towing the kids behind a kayak. You could easily fit a family of four between a Mahee and a Hono!


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.52.17


Technically speaking, Tez notes the stability of the Hono and its similarity to the rest of our range – now well known for being stable craft. Likewise, the contours of the Hono are praised for their resemblance to our sit on top kayaks; the kaafu, surf, and mahee all share similar traits.


Fittings, attention to detail and build quality overall are very well received, which of course is what we pride ourselves on. Overall, Tez deems the Hono to be a highly recommended piece of kit!


FATYAK-SURF-REVIEW-1 reviewed our popular Kaafu model in 2013 – and they’ve returned to us this year with a glowing review of our versatile all-rounder, the Surf.

The Fatyak™ Surf is a stable sit-on-top kayak, which is notably very accessible for a wide range of ages – perfect for young nippers just starting life out on the waves as well as older paddlers looking for a well-balanced water wrangler.


The review notes this accessibility as a salient point of the Surf – with its light weight and short length, remaining easy to carry (particularly with the use of legstraps as an aid!) and easy to manoeuvre the Surf boasts a wide appeal to all types of paddler through its significant ease of use.


Sitons noted how easy the Surf was to throw around in all conditions, with advantages in manoeuvrability not found in longer kayaks – perfect for kids and featherweight paddlers.

Furthermore, the Surf is proven to be a well-equipped weapon straight from the source – with the review highlighting how well the boat works in “naked” form; not only making it inherently easy to carry but also remaining very capable in varying conditions without the need for accessories.

Although a seatback and legstraps will hugely improve the comfort of any paddler, we see this as an ode to the established design of the Surf!

Overall – Sitons rated the Surf as a kayak that lives up to its name; great for carving and cornering in the surf, ideal for inquisitive paddlers who’d like to get involved in all sorts of different usage scenarios.


Furthermore, while its small size and light weight offer great support for itsurf use as an all-round accessible boat great for paddling and surfing – this also makes it a great boat for kids too.

Read more:

Review – Fatyak™ Kayak

Fatyak™ Kayaks very kindly sent me one of their 1 seater Kaafu kayaks to feature on the blog, and so this is the beginning of an amazing new hobby for me. As a keen explorer and fisherman with access to hundreds of miles of Cornish coastline, I intend on kitting the kayak up for both fishing and fun in Cornwall over the coming weeks.

Top Quality Build and Design
The Kaafu is Fatyak’s™ 1 seater sit-on kayak. Manufactured in the UK to a very high standard of production, you can see the quality of the 1 piece moulded structure as soon as you take it out of the bag. There are no seams or joints, meaning that there is much lower risk of leakage, even when the kayak is being put through it’s paces.

The cockpit area is well designed, with loads of leg room and staggered foot braces to suit kayakers both large and small. The recommended maximum load is 130kg, and so there is ample capacity for myself and all of my fishing gear!

The hull has 6 x scuppers, with sharp chines and a raised middle spine that helps with the tracking of the kayak. The scupper holes are sizeable enough to use to use one for installing a fish finder transducer (very handy). The bow has an upwards curve which helps riding waves which will be a huge benefit for me when launching off of surf beaches.

One of my biggest concerns (before seeing the Kaafu) was transportation. But the Kaafu has 4 x moulded handles (front, back, and on each side). It only weighs 20kg too, and the side handles are really well positioned for perfect balance when carrying the kayak on your own. Lifting it onto a car roof rack by myself is going to be no problem either.

Main Features and Spec
Size – Length = 3020mm, Width = 770mm, Height = 300mm
Weight = 20kgs, Capacity = 130kgs
2 x Dry Storage Hatches
2 x Paddle Parks
1 x Drain Plug
Deck Loop Fittings
Staggered Foot Braces
Moulded in Carry Handles
Rear Storage Area

Onboard Storage
The standard model of the Kaafu comes with 2 x dry storage hatches (with rubber covers) – perfect for keeping your mobile phone and car keys. The dry hatch directly in front of the seat could also be useful for keeping bait or lures when I am fishing. There is also a large open storage area behind the seat with bungee cord straps for holding cargo, perfect to hold my fishing equipment, an anchor, and also a fold-up crab pot.

See full review here