Halloween, and some spooky fatyaking locations

Being an island, and one with a lot of history at that, we’re blessed with our share of natural phenomena and some unexplained mysteries. As its Halloween, we are covering a couple of spooky kayaking trips for you. One in the north, and one way down south!




Hooe Lake – Plymouth

In recent years, Plymouth University students have recorded evidence of over 100 shipwrecks, partial or not, in the estuaries around Plymouth and South Devon. Hooe Lake is an important one, as it has one of the highest concentrations of wrecked boats – between 13 and 20! But there is a lot of reason as to why the situation at Hooe Lake could be considered creepy. Firstly, why such a high concentration compared to other places? And additionally – there is little information about a lot of the boats or their history, and so they remain the subject of much fascination. Perfect for some Fatyak investigation and exploration!
Find out more at hooelake.org




Witches Cauldron – North Pembrokeshire

In North Pembrokeshire there is a labyrinth of tunnels carved by the sea that can be paddled through. Naturally, the accessibility of these caves is decided by the state of the tide! The way the light from above interacts with both the caves and the water creates a very spooky atmosphere. The water even turns an emerald green as you pass underneath low ceilings. And when the tide is right, a room completely cut off by light becomes accessible, with room only for 2-3 kayaks. Eerie indeed – and not for the claustrophobic!


Been to any of these spooky spots? Or planning to go to any ? Let us know!


Holiday Park and Resort Show

On the 9th and 10th of November we’re heading up to the NEC in Birmingham to spread the word about our Fatyak Kayaks and how much success people have found from incorporating them into their rental and demo fleets around the UK!

“We need kayaks that are tough, safe, and easy to paddle – and the Fatyak range fits the bill perfectly. Children as young as 6 can handle them with ease and we have even had adults weighing over 20 stone singing their praises and commenting on their amazing stability.”
 Action Watersports Ltd

There’s going to be a great array of speakers and seminars, including people from EE, AirBnb, and Anytime booking to name just a few, of around 150. The theme for the weekend is innovation and growth, making it a crucial date for anybody in the holiday park and resort industry looking to gain insider knowledge, tips and experiences that can be re-applied to their own company.

“Fatyak’s after-sales service and support demonstrates a real commitment to our business which is invaluable to us. I would absolutely recommend Fatyak Kayaks as our first choice for recreational or fleet purchase”
– Channel Adventures Ltd

We’ll be at stand 2090 showcasing our range of kayaks and boards. Our products have found great success in the rental and activities market so far and have been noted for their ease of use, flexibility, and value for money in particular.

“We are a relatively new business and are very proud to have received such support from Fatyak. We contacted them before we started up regarding our business and they have been very helpful throughout. The products themselves are truly fantastic.”
– North Berwick Kayak Hire

Many of our fleet customers have praised Fatyak Kayaks as the brand of choice for a variety of reasons ranging from robust and hardwearing designs, to portability and storage, to how easy it makes paddling for beginners and children. We’ll have a range of our products on display and be on hand to offer advice and insight on the place of kayaking and paddlesports in the rental and activities industry!

“Fatyak are great with offering support, sending out replacements for when we did manage to break bits of the outfitting of the boats. And they even delivered the boats to us, craning them over a wall, much to the entertainment of people walking past”
– Fluid Adventures

The advice available on funding, planning, grants, troubleshooting, tools and industry issues is invaluable to those interested. And best of all, its free! So whether you’re in the industry already, or interested in it, come over and check out the range of traders and speakers on display.

Transporting your Fatyak

It’s easy to see how loading large objects to the roof of your car could present some serious issues, but pay heed to these tips and recommendations and you’ll be arriving safely at your nearest Fatyaking spot before you know it.

Transporting a Kayak

There are a variety of ways in which you can safely load and transport your Fatyak, with some ways more accessible than others. Of course, the easy solutions might involve a trailer, a helpful friend to take the kayak on your behalf, or a van such as our own!

transporting a kayak


However, for the average paddler these won’t always be an option. You can easily make use of a wide range of safe accessories and equipment to make sure your kayak is securely and safely attached, ready to be mobilised, avoiding situations like this;




In favour of situations like this!



Transport accessories you will need

There are various products available that make loading and transporting a kayak easier to do, such as the foldable trolley that can be found in our store here. We’ve been told our Kayaks are especially easy to carry alone for all shapes and sizes, particularly due to the moulded handles and light weight, but regardless, some tips to avoid injury include lifting with your knees, not with your back or waist, and if you’re wearing your Personal Floatation Device when loading your kayak, this can also provide some padding. If your Fatyak is fitted with the legstraps available here then this can also provide a useful handle!

transporting a kayak

We stock a variety of roof racks and accessories designed to make your Fatyak-loading experience safer and easier. First things first, any dedicated kayak-carrying racks will require that your vehicle is already fitted with crossbars on the roof rack, after which, it is simply a case of clipping on one of the J or T-racks available from our shop – no tools needed, simply thumbscrews, clamps, and clips – making them a great choice for quick loading on the move. The racks are fitted with foam pads and rubber bumpers offering great protection against any damage to your pride and joy during transportation.

jrack t_rack

As mentioned, a key benefit of dedicated kayak racks is that peace of mind and simplicity that you might not get with other “solutions” seen from time to time; kayaks hanging out of car boots, windows, or sliding around on the roof! A dedicated rack will offer quick handling of your kayak, while keeping it secure too.

Last of all, ensure that once loaded, if it seems necessary, use appropriate tie-down or ratchet straps to secure the ends of the boat against a tow bar, if your vehicle has one fitted, and any other secure areas. Ensure that your vision is not blocked and that you meet legal requirements such as a working electric light board with indicator buzzer relay for trailers, if you choose to use one, and that all loads are secured, and you’re good to go! Transporting a kayak has never been so easy 😉