Alternative Boarding with the Hono

The construction of the Hono puts it in a very unique position. Although water is the obvious choice for the board, below we discuss varioud other alternative boarding options. The robust and smooth finish of the board makes it great for a variety of activities, including on sand, snow, grass, as well as water – all of which we have had great feedback about.


One of the most obvious choices perhaps, being right next to the sea, is sand! Lots of people have come back to us and said that their hono has been a great board for sliding down sand dunes as well as being used on the surf. The polyethylene we use to mould the Hono board means it has a very smooth finish, limiting friction and making it great for sliding across sand dunes. However, the material is also very robust meaning it can resist scratches and damage from sand and rocks.



For similar reasons, people have told us they love using their Hono on the snow – meaning that this is a board great for use in both summer and winter! The Hono slides very well across snow due to the low-friction finish, and the attached handles at both front and rear make it great for use as a sled for multiple people. The polyethylene construction means that the board will easily dry out as well.




In the UK at least, we aren’t always lucky enough for snow every winter, but do not fear, because the Hono has been found to be an excellent performer on grass slopes as well! Where rocks and mud might be a bit more of an issue here for traditional bodyboards, the Hono’s tough construction makes it much more resistant to damage, and the smooth finish means it can be easily wiped clean of mud afterwards, and is much more stain resistant.


The obvious choice for the Hono however is perhaps on the water. Even here, it excels – during our testing we found that the Hono will remain fully buoyant up until 20kg of pressure, a small amount of water will lap over the top at 40kg, and at 60kg, the Hono will sit just underneath the surface – making it very buoyant and great for surf, paddleboarding, and bodyboarding applications.

And when you want to head back onto dry land, the Hono is great at all kinds of alternative boarding – making it a worthy year-round investment!