Mo’s Kaafu, and how it came to be.

Being from a surf background beginning in Greece, Mo caught the paddling bug early on and soon had a go at sit-inside kayaking – a river, sea, and lake trip all based in New Zealand. And, without further ado – found herself researching all flavours of kayak online.

Mo told us she kept finding herself returning to the Kaafu – and why not? She noted its interesting shape, and the definitive contours underneath the craft, giving it the stability that the Kaafu is known for. Speaking of happy customers, Mo mentioned the love for the kayak that current customers already had, seen in a multitude of glowing reviews. Last of all, she noted how well priced it was.

Curious for a second opinion after continuing the search looking at kayaks in shops, Mo spoke to a dealer who made a solid point, particularly relevant for Mo. If she was indeed to be kayaking alone, a sit-on-top was, in the dealer’s opinion, the only way to go. The reason being – should the boat capsize, a traditional kayak would need to be swam to shore in order to be emptied of water before usage continued. However, a sit-on-top design (like the one employed by all Fatyak™ kayaks!), meant that you simply had to clamber back on-board. Being from a surf background, this point resonated rather well with Mo, and the search continued.

Mo found a local company, Fluid Adventures, which had one of our Kaafu kayaks on trial. She hired it for an hour, and sure enough, she found that it paddled very well for a beginner, and that she could lift the front end with ease – something that she noticed was not a universal feature for kayaks in her search. At 5’3”, and being no spring chicken with a tall car and roof rack to mount the kayak on, she knew it would be manageable.

Promptly receiving her Kaafu a week later, Mo found that it loaded very easily onto the car, and out on the Solent, found it stable and fun to paddle. Mo also gladly found that she fitted into the current kayaking trend – as the green Kaafu she purchased was matched by plenty of other green kayaks being purchased by youngsters too. Good job Mo, and keep fatyaking!