Sit on Tops – The Best Kayaks for Beginners

For those of you only just embarking on your kayaking journey and wondering where to start – you have come to the right place.

Here at Fatyak we firmly believe that if you are just starting out, a sit on top kayak (or SOT) could be a better option for you as opposed to a closed deck kayak.

This is for a number of reasons:

Sit on top kayaks are really safeBest kayaks for beginners

It is almost impossible to capsize in a SOT unless you want to, but if you did, you would not be trapped underneath the boat. You would just fall off and climb back on again!

Click here to see how easy it is to recover from a capsize in one of our kayaks!

Sit on tops are stable and comfortable

Our sit on tops are designed for stability in the water. Jump on it, rock it, put your dog in it… you will still find it hard to capsize! Due to its slightly wider deck, there is more room for your legs. For larger paddlers, or those who find flexibility a challenge, sit on top kayaks are a much more comfortable option.

They are lightweight and easy to carryLightweight Kayak

Our kayaks range from just 14kg, and all of them have moulded in carry handle so transporting and carrying your kayak really simple. Even for kids!

They are really easy to paddle in a straight line

The hull design on the Kaafu (single seater) and Mahee (double seater) range is made to track really straight in the water. This means that you can sit back and enjoy the passing scenery and not have to continually paddle yourself straight.

They are customisable for touring and fishing

Fishing Kayak

We have loads of additional extras for your kayak, depending on your needs and also provide kayaks that are already decked out for fishing.

They are affordable

We pride ourself on producing quality products in the UK at really affordable prices. We are highly competitive on price and we are confident you won’t find customer service like ours anywhere else!

They come in a range of funky colours

All of our kayaks come in a range of great colours, have a scroll through our products and see which ones would suit you best!!

Got any questions relating to our products? Give us a call, an email or use the live chat feature on the site.

Happy paddling!

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