When embarking on an adventure into the world of Fatyaking™, choosing the right craft is crucial to your enjoyment of the sport, as well how comfortable you are in the water. While all our boats share a common theme of being designed and built to a high standard, offering the most fun possible, there are certain differences between different types of kayak, and which one will be best for you depends entirely on your intentions! Below are a few suggestions on what might be best for some different categories of paddler, but remember, the best way is to get in the water and give it a go – perhaps from one of our many rental partners!

The Casual, Tentative paddler

Are you just down for having some fun mucking about in the waves? Not as serious a paddler as others? The Fatyak™ Surf could be the perfect choice for you – its the cheapest of our range making it excellent value for those who are looking to give kayaking a go, and are after an easy introduction into the vast world of paddling. Furthermore the Surf needn’t be limited to one person’s enjoyment; the versatility it offers in its easily manoeuvrable and flexible design means it can be shared amongst the family, suitable for a wide range of ages, and is great for paddling, training, surfing, whitewater, touring, or fishing – whatever you want to make of it!Surf Kayak with Seatback & Paddle Red

The Ambitious, Sporty paddler

If you fancy yourself as a bit more serious about your involvement in the world of kayaking then the Kaafu would make a great match – it’s sporty contours and light weight offer fantastic stability in the water, while making it great for some serious racing action too. Not only is the Kaafu great for sporting applications, but with a wide range of available addons it can be very nicely adapted to make a great solo fishing kayak, with the Kaddy storage hatch, Fishfinder mounts and more. Although, the Kaafu is well equipped straight from the factory with paddle parks and storage hatches as standard.


The Team Player

The Fatyak™ Mahee is the obvious choice for anybody keen on some help out on the water – capable of seating two paddlers, or three with a small child as part of the team, the Mahee makes a great piece of kit for some social Fatyaking™ as well as family days on the water. Of course, for those more strident in their kayaking abilities it can of course be paddled alone, simply sit at the back of the kayak and away you go. The Mahee’s relatively large size as opposed to the rest of the range makes it great for expeditions on the water, lending itself well to fishing trips and some longer exploring sessions.


The Sporting Legend

Anybody who is serious about their dedication to the kayak-sporting lifestyle needs to get one of these on their Christmas list. Available in Stealth Black only for silently gliding past the competition, the Adventure S series of both the Kaafu and the Mahee are a serious development of the already winning formula present in the original models – a stronger, lighter and more durable breed of Fatyak™ makes them both a fantastic choice for serious paddlers. As with the rest of the range, we supply a wide range of addons for these boats to fine-tune them even more; including a high quality thermally molded seat, Glass Shaft paddles, and, if that wasnt enough, both the Kaafu Adventure S and the Mahee Adventure S come with a free harnessed drinking bottle.