How are Kayaks made at Fatyak?

We pride ourselves on our quality boards and kayaks, using processes we have perfected over the X years we have been operating as a rotational mouldings factory.

Here is a step by step process of how a kayak goes being an idea to being on the water.

Research and Development

Research is key to a successful product. Talking to other kayakers, both young, old, experienced and novice is the most important research we do. What do they look for in a kayak? What do their current kayaks lack? What we are aiming to to is to find gaps in the market for products we know we can sell at a competitive price point.
Once we have settled on a great new product, we will begin the design stages. This involves drawing up the product on our specialist computer systems and then creating a first mould from those drawings.


Once we have the first mould ready, we will create our first prototypes. There might be obvious changes straight away that need altering, and other times it takes a few sessions in the water to work out whether the product is ready or not. The team might repeat this process up to X times before settling on a mould they are happy with.
The kayaks and boards also need decking, leashes and other extras, all of which go through a similar process for a new product.

First range

A first range of kayaks or boards is then released to market. We will then use ongoing feedback, especially from our rental partners to make ongoing improvements or modifications to future releases.

Modification Suggestions

We really like to hear your feedback on our products and are constantly striving to improve. Got any ideas? Let us know in the form below.

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Happy Paddling!
The Fatyak Team