We feel as though we’ve come a long way since we launched our first kayak, the surf, around 7 years ago in 2009! Since then, we’ve built up a loyal fanbase (you guys!), a fantastic range of kayaks for every application, the upgraded Adventure S series, the Hono board, and we are soon to release our first SUP board, the Samos!



We’ve made this short video to celebrate some of the key milestones in our journey so far, but we feel like we’ve got plenty more to give yet!

  • 2009 – Fatyak Surf
  • 2012 – Fatyak Kaafu
  • 2013 – Fatyak Mahee
  • 2014 – Fatyak Hono
  • 2014 – A new van
  • 2015 – Fatyak Kaddy
  • 2015 – Adventure S series
  • 2016 – Adventure S in Orange
  • 2016 – Fatyak Samos

We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say regarding our current line-up, or any ideas you have for new products, so get in touch!