And in the beginning there is the birth of an idea ‘kayaking looks like awesome fun!’ Shortly following by the growing realization that you know absolutely nothing about kayaking even less what kind of kayak would be right for you! I mean…a kayak is a kayak right? You sit on it or in it and paddle to get where you’re going right? And…maybe a life jacket and possibly a helmet might be required too?

Then you do a bit of research and find out that, actually, no…there’s just a teensy bit more to it than that and there are quite a few different types and brands of kayak depending on whether you want to kayak on whitewater, flat water or sea. Add to that the other gear that you will need to get and you could get into some serious spending only to find that you’ve gone and got the wrong boat for you!

For anyone completely new to kayaking the Fatyak™ sit on top kayaks offer a great starting point. Our comfy sit on top kayaks are easy to paddle due to their fantastic engineering and design providing stability and safety for users of all ages and abilities. And because they are ‘sit on top’ kayaks it means that if you do capsize in those early kayaking days, you can climb straight back on! In fact they are so user friendly that they are the perfect choice for both absolute beginners and children alike!

Fun With Fatyak Kayaks Fun Fatyak Kayaking

The other great point to be made in favor of the Fatyak™ Kayaks is that they are a fantastic ‘all-rounder’. You can’t go wrong! Their hull design is perfect for both adventure and play so you explore the possibilities and find out what kind of water you love best without breaking the bank!

Oh, that’s right! Did I mention that they are really affordable too?! And made in the UK! Bonus!
That said, don’t just head off into the great blue yonder as soon as you have purchased your Fatyak™ kayak! Make sure you have talked to experienced kayakers to get advice and read up on kayaking safety information. You could book onto a kayaking course in order to build your knowledge and confidence. And be sure to check out the many kayaking sites out there to educate yourself on the sport and safety. The Fatyak™ homepage has a wealth of information for beginners under the heading ‘users guide’ and also they provide a full instruction leaflet, safety leaflet for sit on top paddling and floating key ring with every Fatyak™ purchased.

When you are ready get set to enjoy one of the most fulfilling and thrilling sports out there! You’ll see, hear and experience things that will make you feel more exhilarated and alive than you ever thought possible!

And most importantly remember always stay safe and NEVER kayak alone!